Wonk Wonk

Headed down south on Saturday because I was certain that Gable was getting ready to die on me. I wanted him to be at the house and also wanted to use the opportunity to watch him run. Through and through he seemed fine. He didn’t run around much (then again he doesn’t do that too much anymore), but he did a little and wanted to play with me (GAH those teeth). At one point I was upstairs and he yelped, so I ran down but turns out it was just because someone knocked on the door. He got in and out of the car OK. Energy levels are fine. Appetite is fine. When I got home, I happened to see that another greyhound owner was having similar inklings with her pup and asked those who had lost a pup to osteosarcoma what the warning signs were. Unfortunately they sounded familiar. He may have months or he may have years left with us, but no matter what osteo is quick and once he breaks that leg or injures it, he won’t be coming home again.

I’m trying to finish up all the Christmas gifting because this coming weekend is the last weekend before Christmas and it’s supposed to have an ice storm! That won’t put a damper on any shopping plans…Thankfully I’m pretty much close to being done. Just have some online stuff next and then one more person I’m not sure about…I decided to go easy for myself at work this year and just get everyone lottery tickets. Already procured the ones for my mom’s siblings. Then it’s just my cousins’ giftcards (I hate buying giftcards, btw). And I just have to give M’s his.

Yet again he wanted to visit me this past Saturday but I was really worried about Gable so I wanted to go to the other house. Figures. I started some beef with him again (right on schedule if you ask me) but as far as I can tell we’re quite steady. I still can’t come up with any RW posts that don’t deal with him, so that’s a good sign.

My mom has been coughing like crazy so I haven’t been sleeping much. Last night all I heard was coughing. Sleep seems to be eluding me lately for various reasons.

Arctic blast coming soon! I’m a little excited honestly. I like winter. I like snow. Ice bothers me now only because it really messes with traffic and is inconvenient. I just realized I played no video games this past weekend.

Christmas checklist:

  1. Christmas decorations: CHECK
  2. Christmas lights: CHECK
  3. Christmas cards: CHECK. Done and delivered!
  4. Christmas presents: halfway through
  5. Christmas wrapping: nope

Doing pretty well. :) Now if only my bank account can hold up.


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