Man I’ve been using money like it grows on trees. I guess it IS that time of the year but wow. I am POOR.

Spent 2-6pm doing my Christmas cards this year. Man, handwriting letters from the heart is very tiring! Now I know why people type up one letter and just give that out. However, I know that whenever I receive a card I love to read what people write, and then find myself wishing they’d written more. My list was quite large this year and it’s funny to think that it grew because I kept some of my online dating potentials as online friends.

I’ll do my end-of-the-year summary right before New Year’s.

Dude, I got on here to write about things before tomorrow because I always run out of time, but wowza I am tired! They predict sleet tomorrow…bluh.

Let’s see…besides doing the cards I got almost nothing else done. Spent $150 at Target even though I literally went in there to buy an extension cord and dog food. Christmas lights, presents, granite sealer that I still didn’t get around to using, dental implements. And yet I still managed to forget to look at the pens. There’s always something…every year for Christmas I try to look for nice clothes to wear because I have no reason to wear nice clothes any other time of the year. Not that I like dressing up, but a person’s gotta have something nice sometimes! And by nice I mean, business casual. haha. Can never stand to be too formal. Speaking of which I really need new shoes. My work shoes are smelly…but that means  MORE money spending.

Other than that I played lots of video games. Finished Hyrule Warriors for 3DS, played halfway through Pokémon Moon, and started Super Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. Hmm still need to finish my  lights outside. It’s mostly done, but I think it needs a little more. Ran into a fiasco with the fridge at the other house dying and having to buy one and have it delivered last week. I decided there is now way in the world I would ever want to rent out a property. It’s such a pain. Revenue, yes, but the landlord portion of it just plain annoying. Last week in general was extremely trying at work. I hope and pray that I don’t lose it again this week because I don’t enjoy being stressed like that. It’s been a while since I’ve been that upset at work.

M and I made it past our first year of dating last Thursday. No frills, nothing exciting, and I didn’t even get to see him. He found out today that he passed his Nationals and is a certified EMT. That major stress is off his back now. Half way through. For the moment I’ve calmed down about us. Let’s see how long it lasts again before I start something again.

Bought myself some new Christmas music this morning. This forcing myself to get into the Christmas mood is working! I’m enjoying it.

Man I can’t stay awake anymore. Until tomorrow morning. Maybe.


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