Some Words of Wisdom

From my many years of life. I assure you I am very intelligent. bluh. Anyways, here are a few tidbits of wisdom I’ve gained from life. I was thinking maybe I should include some in this blog with my updates in order to make myself sound less like a pining heartbroken ninny and more like…I don’t know, a non-pining, heartbroken ninny.

An on-going list:

  • It is (almost) never just one party’s fault. This applies to most interactions in life (romantic couple, car crash, siblings).
  • Anger and rage cloud the mind and rational decision-making. Usually the end result is regrettable.
  • Negative personality traits are actually beneficial traits from an evolutionary survival standpoint. They need to be trained and controlled.
  • The very best way to approach life is to step back and consider things in the 3rd person. It allows for objective observations from a neutral perspective. This is the best way to make any relationship work. It is also the same thing as compassion.
  • Learning from others’ mistakes instead of having to rely on your own is efficient and less painful.
  • Dogs can teach you so much about life.
  • Humans have forgotten how to listen to nature, but it’s still in us if we care to stop and try. Why do you think squirrels and birds know the weather and we have to rely on spotty weather forecasts?
  • The MOST painful thing a significant other can do to their partner is be apathetic. At least hate is a feeling.
  • Ghosts do exist. They feed off negative energy. Men are typically the last to believe.
  • Your period is guaranteed to come when you’re going on vacation or some other fun adventure.
  • Handwritten/hand-drawn/handmade anything holds much more value and power than anything printed or premade despite possible illegibility and imperfections.
  • Mourning someone is less missing them as memories with them. The more and deeper the memories you’ve had together the more painful their disappearance from your life feels. And vice versa.
  • You can’t take money or things with you when you die.
  • Moderation is the trick to everything in life. Think about it. Moderately.
  • “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”
  • A human cannot attain peace until their mind, body and spirit are healthy and in sync.

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