The plan is I come home tonight, no one will be home, I’ll dry the turkey, eat foods, werk out, whatever I do, pack the rest of my stuff, grab the Big Easy, anything else they tell me they’ve forgotten, and then early tomorrow morning, I wake up and head on down.

As excited as I am about Thanksgiving…I am not ready. I’ve been trying to build up to it, but it doesn’t matter because it still does not feel like it to me. I got my wish this year and we won’t have any other relatives besides my immediate family and significant other man. Which means….more fewds for me! I’ve been trying to stretch out my stomach a bit over the course of last week, even though I’ve kept up well with the workouts and such. heh heh. The workouts have been going well. I plan to get a curl bar next, to vary up my routine (which is NO routine, btw…I literally just turn on the music and do whatever I feel I want to do that day). Also I want to get gym mats for the floor because Gable keeps thinking every rug down there is a Pee Pad for him…at least it’s tile. And some resistance tubes. Hey…small space, gotta make do with what I got. So far it’s working, and by increasing the resistance I have definitely seen improvement. Heck I feel improvement just by adding ankle weights and doing leg work. Haven’t injured myself yet…so hopefully that continues.

OK breakfast time. Maybe I’ll continue this tonight? Maybe not.


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