On a Monday. Bluh. BUT! It is the Monday before Thanksgiving so all is forgiven. LOL.

Spent  the weekend trying to get errands and stuff done, then spent the rest of it playing Pokémon MOON. Whoooo. To the point where the back of my head has pimples from lying in one place too long.

Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday of the year. In my favorite season of the year. Sigh.

AND I get to see M for 2 whole days. Wut. The scandal!

Before going to sleep last night, I was going to play some more Pokémon, but I decided to write in my diary finally because I’ve been meaning to for months. Before I wrote in it, though I took the time to re-read a few entries and was very glad I did. It put things into perspective for me…just like it always had re-reading these things. I get jaded and influenced by what happens in my life on a daily basis and while they say that you shouldn’t dwell on the past, the past is also extremely helpful. It took me back to last year where it all started and hopefully that information will help me moving forward. I’ve said it time and time again, that hand-writing journal entries deliver therapeutic results far beyond those of typed ones. I rant and complain on here and while it’s helpful, it’s nothing like physically writing it out. Just like it’s not the same reading the entries on a screen vs. reading it on a physical piece of paper. I wonder if we prefer handwritten over typed sometimes (not for legibility that’s for sure) because there’s a measure of reading “body language” of the handwriting subconsciously. Typed is concise and clean, and efficient, but it’s also cold and devoid of feeling. There’s a warmth to handwritten words that automatically make you feel more strongly.

Anyways. I’ll try to write in it more. Plus, I sleep better at night having put my fears and thoughts down.

I dearly hope this week is not so crowded…it has been very trying lately. Traffic, people, everything. Maybe it’s me? Work especially. Having to work with dummy for 3 days straight it just awful. I feel like I aged 5 years in one day last Friday. If she becomes a regular at work I am going to seriously think about looking for a new job. Again.


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