I would normally post this on my dream blog, but I’m going to do it here this time (maybe copy paste over)

Before I start, let me put out there that I went to sleep last night around 10:30pm like I normally do. I didn’t stay up to wait for election results or anything because I figure I’ll know tomorrow and there’s no point in stressing. Here goes:

The first dream saw me at Wal-Mart. I was walking through the store when I see people congregating and taking pictures, so I come forward and it’s President Obama! Just like he looks in all the pictures. He asked the couple in front of me if they want a selfie with him, and so they oblige. I’m so excited so I whip out my camera to take a selfie too, but he fades into a shadow form of himself and disappears. So I go on my way and I am hunting. Thinking about Obama, I butcher the turkey I just hunted and go looking for him. In the back of the store near the storage rooms and stuff (with the concrete floors), I find him sitting at the desk of a place that I know used to be a doctor’s office. He looks old, bedraggled and sports a more-white-than-gray beard. I walk up to him and he doesn’t acknowledge me, so I smile, unsure, and show him my turkey. He looks up at me and says, “Go away, come back later,” in such a sad, beaten voice. I am disheartened, but I leave the turkey for him and go on my way. On the way out, I see the sign for his office and he is the new chief janitor. Later, he comes to find me to thank me for the turkey. At that point he seems more positive, but still weighed down heavily by a depressive stress.

The next dream saw me back in my old neighborhood where I spent most of my childhood. I was with either a bunch of friends or male cousins, and we were with Donald Trump. It wasn’t unpleasant, our experience with him, but I  remember that my energy stores were grossly depleted. Completely different vibe from the Obama dream. The group had been wandering around the neighborhood, playing and being general pre-pubescent asses. Finally he went to leave and I breathed a sigh of relief, but before he left he and 4 other boys ran up to a house, knocked on the door and ran to hide in some bushes. I rolled my eyes because he was acting just like a child and he was gone. Then my mom and I went into his “temporary neighborhood house” to look around. It was nice, a lot of wooden furniture. We speculated about why he was even staying in the house and I offered that he must have houses like that in every state seeing as how rich he is. There were a couple trees in the next room and interestingly there was one really cool one that was a strawberry tree. The tag which was still on it read that it was a new type of plant that starts as a shrub and grows into a tree. The strawberries were on the bottom but the top portion fruits looked like grapes. One grape-like fruit had a big hole in it like a big had been eating it. I picked one of the higher up fruits and tried it. It tasted nothing like a strawberry and didn’t taste like a grape either. I let my mom try and she agreed. What a sham of a tree! Obviously it wasn’t what the engineers were planning on, but the new fruit wasn’t bad either. There was also a parrot out on the veranda and someone had left some large oranges for it.

Then I woke up, saw the news, and was FLOORED by my recollection of these dreams.


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