Somehow I’ve managed to amass 190 followers on this blog. For something originally meant for a total of 3 people, this is crazy. I’ve thought about starting a new one for the more personal stuff, but I realized that to keep it public will result in more followers. Again. Heck, my dream blog has followers and I update that maybe once every month or so. I used to try and do my webcomic thingy on WordPress to get more readership and then I shied away because my webcomic isn’t popular for a reason, lol. I only do that for my own sake. Granted a lot of those followers probably follow thousands of other blogs too, and many of them are from my stingray post (is there a way to move that to it’s own thing?????), but still it’s humbling to know that literally anyone and everyone can read this. I mean, I’ve had flamers come on and take me out and I’d have to private the post!! My OWN blog with my OWN ideas, thoughts, etc!!! What’s disappointing for me is the inability to add “personal” stuff in here. I have a print journal too, but why should I have to write a diary entry twice? Typing, as we know, is faster. Writing is MUCH more therapeutic, which is most of the reason I type these entries anyways, but it’s easier to log and keep these blog posts. Sigh.

It’s cold today. I slept unbelievably well. I woke up at 5:30 and could not stay awake. Technically it would have been 6:30 and I could have gone to vote, but given my experience 4 years ago, it would have been ultra crowded…I’m trying to go after work which is still going to be bad…Sorry puppies. I’ll be home late.

I’m writing a poem for M as we approach our one year mark of official dating. I’ll finish it, but I was thinking maybe I should come up with a rap and record it and all! LOL. Too bad I don’t have a keyboard with pre-existing beatz!! Never tried composing and performing a song before!


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