This month is going to be weird with work, like it usually is. November is the strangest month for scheduling, even moreso than when it snows or in December. I work very little this month. We get out a few hours early this Friday, then next week is 3 days, the only full week is the next week and then another 3 day week for Thanksgiving which is creeping stealthily up at is.

I’m a little sad that we weren’t into Halloween this year. Didn’t set up decorations, no real costumes were completed, and we hid from the trick or treaters too. I think this is the first year we darked out for it. Walked the dogs early, made food early and was completely done by 7pm. Of course we didn’t get off scotch-free because we were doing recycle and trash so Liana wanted to go out early aaaaaand ended up stepping on poop. My brother caught it because she went into his room and tried to wipe it off her paws. She tracked it around the house and so both dogs got baths. It was a good thing we were done so early because bathing them takes an hour and lots of water.

I haven’t seen M in over a month now. It looks like the program is coming out of their book learning portion because they’re starting the ride-alongs. This is making him less stressed. He actually wanted to visit on Saturday, but I told him no since I wanted to be fully engaged in costume making. Of course, today, Tuesday, I miss him again and am wondering if that was the right choice. I was glad to be able to do the costume and honestly my mood that day was very strange anyways to people in general. All I wanted was to be left alone. I didn’t even want my family around…I’ve noticed that happens when I go park-trail walking with my dogs…that individuality is strong those days.

Oh well. Let’s see if our relationship can stand the test of time and patience.


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