Dang Bathroom

We’ve been doing battle for the past 2 weeks with my bathroom’s toilet. Same bathroom where I’ve had all sorts of issues and replaced the vanity and paint and all of that. I guess it IS almost 30 years old, but why all blow up at once? My finances did not allow for this. Of course. As usual. I thought it was OVER. I tried to do some patchwork with Flex seal and Flex Shot, but it’s not fixing the issue which is probably the connection between the tank and the bowl. I was just looking at some toilets online and it’s about $400. Yay. The hope of course is that we’ll be able to do it ourselves without a hitch, but like everything else I’ve encountered so far, rarely is it that simple. Everyone has been telling me it’s the easiest thing to do by yourself, and yes, the theory is simple (a hole in the floor, just replace the wax ring, screw it all in, connect the water supply line and BOOM, you’re done), but I know the problems that can arise, which are rotted boards underneath, the bolt being broken, etc. Still have yet to call a plumber because I don’t want to pay it. WHY DOES EVERYTHING COST SO MUCH.

Remember how I took this past week off for my “work vacation?” Welllllll, I definitely did not get what I took off work to do done, but it wasn’t a waste, because I DID get stuff done…just not what I’d intended. Turns out it was old stuff that I never got around to. Did the reseeding of the yard, caulked all the front windows in my mom’s room plus the copper roof seam, and managed to move the gutter back into place (still needs a handyman to come actually fix it). Oh and I treated our rocking chair with teak oil. Threw away some excess things, and went through my closets to see what can be gotten rid of (not done yet). My picture projects are complete for the moment. Strengthened my absence-relationship a little, and then decided not to go through with the dog costumes this year for Halloween. I still would like to have them done, but with no real deadline. Next craft project will be to construct some samurai armor for my boy.

It’s true that I DID spend 60% of the time playing video games and being a complete blob (haven’t exercised for 2 weeks and JUNK FOOD) and spending money. Again. But the family time with my whole immediate family was great. Saw a lot of my sister and we were able to spend some time together, just the girls. My brother and brother in law played some games together. It’s that kind of time that makes me wonder if M would be inclined to involve himself in. He’s shown himself to be quite the family type of guy as he and my brother are quite similar, but I dunno. We’re kind of having a long-distance-no-meet relationship right now, similar to the one we had in the very beginning. I miss him tremendously, but I wonder if he misses me.

Gable gave me quite a scare this past weekend. He injured himself somehow and was limping severely. That’s the thing that I’ve been most afraid of, knowing their inclination towards osteosarcoma and that being the only symptom. After the loss of Tristan, I’ve been thinking about Gable and how much he’s slowed down…all of the gray fur I see on him now…and how much he sleeps. In my opinion he’d be the first between the two to go, as she still seems as energetic as ever even though she just turned 9. But his life has been happier and more content than hers and to him, even if he were to cross the rainbow bridge tomorrow, he’d be happy with his life. She’s just now being secure with hers. I let my sister walk them because she wanted to walk them with me the other day. Gable I’ve never had an issue with, but Liana has always been the fighter…turns out, she’s calmed down tremendously and was great. This is why I don’t mind letting my grandparents hold my dogs, because they’re very polite. Thankfully it was just that one day because the next morning he didn’t show much signs of pain (he attacked me the night before when I was trying to figure out what the problem was, the little snot, always the drama king…to me only, of course) and ran around like nothing was wrong. He was hesitant to jump up into my brother’s new Forester, so I think it bothers him more than he lets on (that’s when I tried to help him in and he changed him mind, bonking me HARD in the face), but I almost don’t want to know if it is osteosarcoma because I already know I won’t and can’t try to save him.

Our neighbors are so WEIRD. So my brother traded in his ’15 Legacy for a ’14 Forester with more bells and whistles and a turbo. They saw it as I was blasting music in it in front of the townhouse and my brother was cleaning it, and then we come back from our little trip to find that they have a new car. ANOTHER CAR. Also blue, btw. We assume it’s their car because of the tire shine, and the fact that they parked as far away from me as possible lol. This brings their total up to 6 cars and a motorcycle for 4 people and a bichon fries, in a townhome with no garage or driveway. WHY? WHYYYY??????? What is the point??? It’s not like their cars are the most impressive cars either. It’s like my dad! We had 11 or so cars, so I guess you can boast to people that you have 11 cars, but little do they know that they’re all crap and not taken care of. And 2 of them don’t actually run. I don’t pretend to know their financial situation, but think about it: either that’s a lot car payments, or if they can afford to pay for them outright, why not spend it on a bigger house? Or nicer car upgrades? Or fixing their house (squirrel damage, very weathered fence, etc)? No matter what, that SUX for inspection, registration and personal property tax. All they’re doing is clogging up all the parking on the street. Not to mention that’s another car to play musical cars with since you can’t leave them in one spot for long. The dad is crazy. My brother thinks they have some sort of One-Up feud wit us. When we get a new car, they get one. When I got a dog, they got one. When we got a nice TV, they got one too (eventually). When I’m out trying to make the lawn nice, they tried too, unsuccessfully. Maybe there’s a reason they keep getting VW…because we have Subaru?

Speaking of Subaru, I’ve been trying to convince my mom to like the Crosstrek because I test drove the HR-V for her and while I think she’d prefer it, I do not trust the AWD in that car to take her through the winter. I plan on using the money I get from selling the other house to buy her a new car whenever that happens. Not impressed. I am SO glad I didn’t choose the Hondas and went for Subaru. It’s interesting that my brother chose it too. M likes Subaru.

OK time to go eat. In conclusion, it definitely was not a waste. This was my vacation this year and I rather enjoyed it. I’m not like other people (at work) who have the travel bug (or maybe just ppl in the area). I feel like a country bumpkin compared to everyone else. It’s nice to be able to go places, but honestly I’m pretty happy just spending time at home. Maybe I’m just a content person. Though I will say that we are DEFINITELY going to the beach next year. That decision came about not so much for me as for my dogs…I never thought they’d remember, but they did and I feel bad for not letting them go. I do not want to turn into my uncle with the could’ve, should’ve’s. Even if it might not happen, I’m going to plan it and try for it.


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