Never Fails…

Whenever I get sick, whether minor or major, it ALWAYS turns into a sinus problem. Without fail. My co-worker and I must have contracted the same thing from work last Thursday or Wednesday (we see kids from the same  families sometimes, but it could have been anything. Same door…same air…), because we had almost the exact same symptoms on the same days. Hers disappeared and mine seemed to go away around the same time frame, but then. THEN mine morphed as it usually does and BLAM just in time for the weekend. So I spent all of yesterday (Saturday) lazing around in bed with a box of tissues and feeling pretty bad. I didn’t want to take sinus medications because that has its own undesirable side effects…went on our evening walk and my lungs were protesting loudly. So what did I do? Played Yo-Kai Watch 2 LITERALLY ALL DAY. Only a few breaks here and there. I wanted to try and draw, work on costumes or read or play instruments or something, but the sinuses were such that I could not concentrate or think properly so that was pretty much all I could do. Looking down would result in more of my mucus dripping from my nose. I’m glad I had a new game lol. Gable sensed that I was yet again in some negative shape, so he pretty much never left me all day. Being obnoxious in the morning too…and by obnoxious I mean cute. Annoyingly cute.

Today I woke up at 3am. Like WIDE awake. I got up because I heard Gable run downstairs and was afraid he had to pee or something. Thought it was about 6am, but turns out it really wasn’t. It was very windy out. Hurricane stuff. Snoozed some more, but I’d rested so much the day before my body was done with it. Thought about how to make Gable’s backpack work and then realized that I took next week off, so this is the last week before that. I hate that my mom wanted to take over all of the sewing (again) for the costumes because she likes to wait until the last moment for everything and she always ends up making it a bit different from how I’d envisioned it. But. Whatever. I like that she’s actually doing something. Even if I wanted to do it.

I had all these other things I wanted to record here, and then I started messaging G who is in Kuwait right now and now I’m distracted. LOL. As usual.

While on our walk today I was thinking about Christmas and what to give my uncle. I realized that I might have some videos of Tristan over the years. I’d like to give him a flash drive with digital images and whatever videos I can find. At one point he’d lost his hard drive and all the images with it.

So glad my ears aren’t magnifying sound anymore!


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