UGGGH. Even though I cleared the whole thing up with M, and Gable no longer has diarrhea, I STILL cannot sleep at night! It could be weather, but it’s probably more than likely the whole no eating carbs thing that M is doing. It’s bothering me to no end mostly because I learned even more about he shouldn’t be doing it. I’ve been going over in my head how to convince him to stop doing that…as if I’m about to do a class presentation on it…but with higher stakes and more resistance. At work yesterday I tried it out on my co-workers, and it worked. They told me the reasoning all very valid and persuasive, but they are a different audience and have known me long enough to understand the depth of which I know certain facts/ how I think. Plus they have a different, more listening mindset.

I’ve been trying to convince him otherwise since the beginning, but he believes his gym friends above me…the problem with that is, do these people actually understand how it works at the bodily level? I’ve mentioned before that learning from the bottom up is how to do it because learning from the top down, you have no clue what makes up that iceberg, just seeing what’s visibile.

A lot of times, it takes something awful to recognize what’s going on. I have many arguments and logical thoughts and facts to back me up. It’s hard to convince people who don’t want to listen, though.

I’ll see him tomorrow. And I’ll try it then, but I’m afraid he will get upset. I care, but I don’t, because it’s about his health and our future.

Overall, though, having worked through our other issues, I think we’re stable. Let me rock the boat once more because this is the biggest and last issue that I have. For now.



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