Slept WAY too much

I was super tired yesterday after Renaissance Faire with M and spending half the day in the car driving. Tried to stay away by playing Jurassic Park Lego, but ended up lasting until about 9:42pm. Then I woke up really early because I slept too much and my body LIKED waking up early to go do things so now it’s 8:30 (after lounging in bed for 2 hours), no one is awake and my body is raring to do more things. I’ve slowly taken him pretty much everywhere I went with J, and so far it’s much more natural and easy with M. No expectation for it being the same or better or worse, just curiosity on my part. Plus I like that stuff. It was interesting with M because he’s pretty much a screen addict (like most people are these days) so you could see him go from the screen addict’s ADD to totally focused on what was happening in front of him. The calming effect of that is amazing. He was also hesitant to do things but I didn’t force him to do anything so he got more comfortable after a while. I’ve noticed with my brother too that sometimes people pressure males into doing something because, well, they’re male and should do this or that. Thankfully I’m pretty individualistic and confident enough to not let it bother me  (should thank my brother for that one) because since I’m in the habit of not relying on someone (a man) to do anything for me I’m 100% fine being a leader. I’ll step back if you’d like, but if you can’t handle it, I’ll do it. And because he was comfortable, I didn’t feel like I was embarrassing him and was able to yell and huzzah to my heart’s content this time. He even joined in!!


He told me he had a fun day and I’m really glad. I don’t think I have ever spent that much time in the car with him before so we got to talk a lot. Aaaaaand it was totally natural. No awkward pauses or silences or struggling to come up with things to say because he was quite forthcoming and the conversations just spilled out.

OK. So the real reason I came to post today is to inform you of the IPL I’ve been using.

Image result for venus ipl

Gillette Venus Silk-expert IPL 5001 (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal System, powered by Braun

Rated 4.5 stars on by 164 users.

SO, **if you are not squeamish*** I shall be posting pictures of body parts with hair to show you results. There is no graceful way to present said body parts with hair and it’s a tad embarrassing honestly, but here to show results and there are good results! **if pictures of hair on my armpits will offend you, stop scrolling now**

I’ve always not cared about body hair and since I was never in a relationship I pretty much didn’t care about shaving until it got too long or I needed to in order to wear certain clothes. Plus, being someone who likes to reason through concepts using nature plus science together, I find body hair to not be offensive, but rather, well, natural. There’s a reason why we have hair in certain places. It’s not gross. It’s meant to be. Social norms have directed how we feel about ourselves and while I do see the natural reasoning, I also respect that it is the norm. Mostly I just wore longer sleeved tshirts and jeans, but I’ve become more crabby as I got older and want to wear shorts when it’s hot without the OBNOXIOUS hassle of hair removal everywhere.

ANYWAYS. here you go.


Pic 1: that’s how you use it. That is my leg. You can see how my pores are HUGE and the whole black hair on light skin thing while necessary for usage of laser treatments can be a pain in  butt

Pic 2: GORGEOUS. Yes. I told you there’s no nice way to do this. Left side on the left, Right side on the right. So what I did was for the first 2 weeks was use it only on the right side of my body and not on the left. This picture was probably a week after either the first or second week treatment. It’s not that obvious, but there is less on the right than the left.

Pic 3: Three months-ish later, this is about a week after treatment. You can see how the RIGHT side looks much better than the LEFT side with the big pimple thing on it. Remember the right side has about 2 treatments more than the left.

Also notice how I can’t seem to get rid of the pore dots, but the hair is much less. I’ve come to an issue where I can’t seem to get rid of the hair on the upper portion of the armpit and if you’ve ever tried to wax your armpits before, you’ll understand why. By myself I can’t stretch the skin enough for the laser to get into the folds of the skin

Either way, the results are pretty obvious. Gillette never said it would remove 100%, but in its study most participants were happy with about an 80% reduction. That’s about what I’ve seen so far.

I have other pics, but I think armpits are enough lol. Now how to rid of those pores…

So, in short, yes I recommend this product, it has made my life much easier and cheaper (even though the tool itself is a big hit). We’ll see how the long run turns out. One downside is the inability to use it on the face (for obvious reasons), but I found one by Remington that has a face filter for the laser. It also doesn’t want to get places I want it to get, even though I tried to bypass it. If you have a special someone you don’t mind helping you, I’d recommend that for hard to reach places like that foldy part of your armpit. Much cheaper and convenient than professional laser treatments.

One word of caution, however, I was reading up on the downsides of laser treatments and aside from that small population of women you saw MORE hair growth instead of less (south Asian and middle eastern, I think), the fumes are to be concerned about. It applied to the healthcare professionals that perform the laser hair removals, but that sulfur smell thought to be from the vaporization of the hair follicle (yes sulfur is an important component in our bodies) apparently has MORE than just sulfur and can be dangerous if inhaled too frequently. I forbid my dogs to be in the room with me when I’m doing this.




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