For my brother’s Bday

Yesterday was my brother’s Bday. 28 years old. My sister and brother in law came up and we decided to go to Korean BBQ. M came with us too and so we spent the next 2.5+ hours heating up meat and eating it. Kind of a nice thing, but they were SO busy and we got a smaller table for 5 people, the allure of cooking your own meat got old for me pretty quickly. As much as I love food, I’m not one to spend that long eating, though most of it was waiting for it to cook. In theory that’s when you’d be talking with your peeps and drinking, etc. Ya. Good experience since I’ve not been to eat Korean for years, but I definitely prefer Japanese Hibachi over this.

And THEN this morning… couldn’t sleep well, I feel very heavy inside, and acid reflux on top of it all. Right after we ate I was having MSG attack too. Yeah…I think I’ll stay away from Korean BBQ for a while. Maybe that was why I originally stayed away from it. It was good, don’t get me wrong. I particularly enjoyed the Hawaiian bulgogi. At first I was thinking it was too much meat that’s killer for me, but I dunno…thinking about it I tend to eat about that much meat (not  more recently given I’ve been eating less) normally in one sitting not even spread out over 2.5 hours so I’m not sure why I feel so awful. Let’s see…2 orders of Hawaiian bulgogi, 2 types of steak, a little octopus leg, some pork belly, poached eggs, radishes, Korean rice, soy chicken. All meat shared amongst 5 people though. It does sound like a lot. The eggs. dang. It was a lot of protein. ME NO LIKEY. What an awful weighty feeling like I have lead in my stomach. I feel sluggish. Even last night I had no desire to do any sort of cardio which I usually do when I’ve been working out a lot and with the yardwork making me feel great. Thank goodness for dog walking.

I will say that I suddenly have good ab muscles. LOL. Overnight. Protein overload. But I have zero energy nor the desire to do anything.

Well it was nice to spend time with the siblings and M. Originally I didn’t think I’d see him this weekend. And like my last post, the same thing happened: when I see him everything’s great, but cut the interaction and it fades. Eh, I’ve decided to just chill about it and let it run its course. It’s so nice to be able to vent and get it out there.

OH and I got cute stationery!! I want to send stuff to people now.

First day of school for the county. Welcome back traffic. Except I didn’t miss you. Sigh. I’ll be working a lot this month and M’s Academy starts in 2 weeks. Big month.


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