Week off

I don’t think I’ve posted in a while…what’s up with that? Anyways,  what’s new…this is a new laptop, a gaming one since my old one was busy dying for the better part of the year. Yep. My vacation this week (whoa, suddenly got deja vu from last year doing this in the same room in the summer). I’ve spent most of it playing games on the laptop. It’s Friday now, and technically the last day of break for me, but I don’t go back in until Tuesday. Other than that, I had my eye exam on Wed (the astigmatism that’s been sitting on the fence since 2 years ago got worse. Bluh.) then went to FINALLY buy new glasses after 4 years. I wanted Rx sunglasses too, but the 60% deal was only for one pair, so I’ll procure that in the next 3 months. I swear the giant scratch on the left lens of my glasses is what made it worse. Lesson here kids: don’t be cheap, buy the new things when necessary. Then yesterday I had my annual physical (which was 2 years in the making…huge step forward from once every 8 years) and all the bloodwork came back WNL. I am in very good health according to the NP.

Getting stuff DONE

Hmmmm not much else to report, really, for this break. Some would say that it’s a waste of a break, but I needed this for one, and two, I like playing video games, so I don’t see it as a waste at all.

Now. In regards to the relationship. As customary when I go on vacation, I pretty much fell off the face of the earth in regards to all my social interactions with others. I’ve been trying to distance myself from M in preparation for his Academy because for the last month I’ve been very moody and very very clingy. This week because of the break (time to myself) and bolstered by the fruitful interaction with medical professionals (gotta love how helpful and friendly they are in explaining things) I’ve been very successful in limiting contact with him. It was also helped along by his overall inability to handle stress well, but I am officially back to my independent mental capacity. It  doesn’t change the fact that I do love him, however it does change how I am able to process, analyze and see clearly. My sight has returned. That 3rd person sight. The ability to step back and see myself and my situations with the advantage of removedness (according to Thesaurus.com this is a word). To some people it is a turnoff that I can seem cold and calculating, but the thing is, that twitterpated, clingy, lovesick version of me is definitely not my usual self. I adore the people I love (example, my dogs) and I sometimes find it hard to put myself in the middle area given my life approach of 100% or nothing, but no matter what, this is the real me. As with any relationship, there are things I don’t like about him, and that’s the not real issue. I think the real issue is me. I just find myself wishing he was more refined and a bunch of other things that honestly I can’t even put down because I have to think about it some more to grasp the specific problem. Hmmm handwritten journal stuff.

My brain is starving. My muscles are starving. But I can’t play Mario DDR for the life of me because I CAN’T SEEM TO FIND THE GAME.

I repeat over and over and over again that yardwork is the BEST form of working out. Seriously. You’re outside, you’re working all different muscle together and not separately, and the biggest success factor: immediate results – from beginning of the project to the finished masterpiece. Your vision. Realized. With your own hands.

Except that I literally gave myself heat exhaustion on Saturday. Slurred words and all.

During my dog walk this morning I realized the only things I NEED for life happiness are: Food, dogs, creative outlets, and a yard to work in.

OH, and dog costumes are GO this year.


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