Furry Cousin

Furry cousin is here! And will be for  the next week and a half.

Since Liana is now fully entrenched in our pack and established her role, it was an interesting scenario this time around. We’ve done this for the last  couple years where at least once a year we’ll dogsit. This is the probably the first time she’s pulled her status as alpha. Yesterday she immediately planted herself in the tallest, biggest bed, Gable took the smaller one right next to her and they looked like a Queen and King on their throne looking down on this outsider. He, knowing his place, chose a spot a distance away. Gable went to investigate and later Liana took over that bed, displacing him, so I had to tell her to move and he came back to claim it.

In the past, she was the liaison, tolerant of him, and yet still pulling her weight. She’s still the calming aspect of this dog pack, but seeing her pull her weight was eye opening. I’m hoping to glean info from their interactions, but it’s a little concerning how she’s acting because I was more concerned of Gable interacting with Tristan…might have to cast eyes over her mostly.

The walk this morning (first 3 dog walk) was interesting as I expected it to be. Liana refused to walk with Gable for too long because her spot is on my right. Tristan is afraid of walking next to her and it freaks him out to have her behind him, so I ended up forcing him to the back walking next to her. I need to look up pack walk dynamic, but it worked out best with Gable by himself on my left like usual, Liana on the outside and Tristan next to me but walking behind everyone. She kept fighting to walk by my side which is why I wanted to look it up, but I have the most control over the Doberman that way.

I tells you, this is the first time I’ve had him in the middle of the week while I’m still working. Very different.


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