I got to see my boo A LOT this weekend. Friday night, then Sunday and then Monday again. This was probably one of the first weekends in a long while (or ever???) where he hasn’t been stressed about work in some form or fashion. He took off his job to reduce stress since he was going in Monday for uniform fitting and fingerprints early. Let me tell you it was certainly interesting to see him that way! Energetic and happy and spirited. The tables were turned on Friday, too, because I was the one tuckered out and crabby from working and he was the excitable one. But it’s a good thing.

Since I had been being weird, we get to see each other in more true states lately. Especially seeing him 3x in 4 days. That excitement isn’t as strong as seeing him once a week. It’s a good experience.

In other news I got my haircut which I swear was part of crabby, grumpy issue. Short hair FTW!!! I can’t stand the long stuff.

Getting the Doberman this week…had the dates all messed up so I’m just waiting for my uncle to text me. Oh wells.

Only 2 weeks until a week off! well. 2.5 weeks.


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