Why Can’t I Ever Remember To…

…do this the night before???

Well not too much happened this past weekend…I managed to finish about 1/6 of the patio before giving up in the heat, got allergy sick the rest of the day, slept early, had my brother fix a printer problem, played Gyakuten Kenji 2 on emulator since you can’t buy it in the US, drew comics all day, M came over, we went and had buffet, came back, cuddling, installed and played Stepmania in the basement after prepping for the Doberman to visit, still got it, then found out that M got the firefighting gig he’s been dreaming about for the last 4 years. He called me first and was super excited and in my usual way I devolved the situation with my usual dose of realism and we butt heads for a bit, so I stopped paying attention to my phone in irritation for the rest of the day, and then felt bad because why in the freak do I have to rain on people’s parades and why is he asking that of me…then at the end I realize I have a bad foreboding, uneasy feeling about something. Don’t know what it is and then tears start coming for no reason at all. I attribute it to PMS. Think about it more and conclude that like my dogs I like a balance of emotions, not too much one way or the other because I always seek to come back to the middle, but it’s not fair because he SHOULD be excited and amped and stuff because he’s usually somewhat gloomy about his life, and I SHOULD be really happy for him, which I am.



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