July 4 and week off

Good golly when was the last time I posted???  Oh just on July 4th itself. Haha. I was just reminded how at work when I asked people what are you doing for “July fourth?” and they would pause a bit. One asked me, “what am I doing for Fourth of July?” which made me stop and think about the name of the holiday itself. Should I refer to it as Independence Day? It is more proper to say Fourth of July? July Fourth seems the same and a more efficient way to word the term, so to me it makes lots of sense, but it took that one patient to bring to light that maybe I’ve been saying it wrong forever? Don’t think I’ll change, though, lol.

OK, so that day M ended up not coming and just as well because although we had too much food, it was pouring pretty much all day. The food we made just ended up getting cold and honestly I wasn’t all that impressed by everything to my disappointment. After foods we sat on the couch to watch Spaceballs while my sister and her husband fell asleep and then we ended the after-food-time with some more multiplayer gaming, this time Gauntlet. I have to say again that watching someone play video games is good insight to them as a person. After that we went to bother my mom at work, and then they left and I had a MONSTER of a BRUTAL time cleaning up after wards even with the dishwasher. Now I have a good idea of what my mom feels like after holidays.

The next day (my first day of vacation!) saw me getting up early because my sister was coming back to have her teeth cleaned. We dragged my mom along and then planned to meet up with my grandparents afterwards for some pho. The whole time I was cleaning her teeth, I just couldn’t get over how identical her and my brother’s mouths are!!! Man it’s crazy…adds more fuel to my information base on family oral anatomy and phenotypes and genetics. So far I’ve found that the vast majority of the time, kids inherit either one or the other in terms of mouth, teeth and tissues. If you see a whole family then typically you can say, yep, that’s dad’s, or yep, that’s mom’s. I haven’t noticed as much a good mix of the two. Then again, I don’t see too many mom, kids AND dad, but of the few whole families, that’s what I’ve observed. Pho was good, and then we headed home and….actually I don’t remember exactly what happened. Huh.

Wednesday!!! I woke up TOTALLY STOKED because we were going to BUSCH GARDENS which I hadn’t been to in almost 20 years!!! M wanted to come even earlier, but we ended up agreeing on 8am, and BOOM it was about right because we did end up leaving right around 8am. My brother drove the 2 hours and 30 min down there and yaaay there we were! Parked priority and in we went! We were on FIRE with excitement as we made our way through the mostly empty park (I don’t think I’ve ever been in an amusement park that empty before) and hopped on the Griffon (they have these new locker things which are neato and a wonderful alternative to the old cubby holes) right away. My brother needs to the big people seats lol. What. An. Amazing. Coaster. The drop was almost 90 degrees holy moly and let me tell you I got a good scream on that thing…haven’t gotten to scream like that in years. When we got off I was a little bit off balance but DANG I felt great! It was a wonderful feeling and I was excited that maybe I could still ride roller coasters which opened up the possibility of other amusement parks! We wandered off to New France (Canada) and jumped into the log flume because it was really starting to heat up already. Stood in line for this one (everyone had the same idea). This ride was great for us too. In the past I remembered that I liked King’s Dominion’s better because you’d get more wet, but this time, because of how much weight we had on the log it was GREAT how wet we got. Other people really didn’t get we, but dang we did. Haha! Even more stoked now we kept going and got to jump immediately onto the one we’d been waiting for: Alpengeist. I remember waiting almost 2 hours for the ride when we were small (almost 20 years ago). Get into the ride and it starts off, and yay, and then…and then…half way through it, my head starts to feel it…then it ends and we get off and my brother and I immediately start walking veering off to one side, and I start feeling sick. And my hopes and excitement level drops from 100 to about 15. I feel sick. Like, dizzy sick. I dunno what I was thinking because a 20 year old ride is certainly bound to be rough. My brother announces that no more roller coasters for him. And while I was trying to keep it together, my head was suffering. We get into Dark Castle (?) and M says it’s not a roller coaster, but unfortunately for me and my brother, it’s a 3-D and 4-D ride which sends us swirling and whirling around and lurching and that pretty much sealed it for me. We went to go eat afterwards and while the fries and soda helped, I was OUT for the rest of the trip. We wandered around for a bit, looked at rides, ate some Dippin’ Dots, M and I rode the sky tram around the park and then even though I wanted to watch the shows now that the rides were getting to me, my brother did his best to convince us to leave, so I made the executive decision to leave, given that he was driving and didn’t want him to fall asleep or be too dizzy or whatever. To be honest I was disappointed in myself (should’ve skipped Alpengeist and went straight for Apollo’s Chariot…thankfully Tempesto was closed which made me feel better and the only other 2 rides worth going on were Escape from Pompei and Roman Rapids which are water rides. Oh and bumper cars but given our state of nausea…) an also at my brother because I wanted to at least see the shows, but all in all I did have a good time just being with M and my brother and we really did feel happy and excitement on the 2 good rides we made it on. My mom made food that nigh and M stayed for that.

Busch Gardens really seemed much smaller than I remember…then again I am much bigger now.

Thursday and Friday were lazy days for me. Spent literally all day playing Stardew Valley on Steam. By Saturday I was getting antsy, so I wandered out to Lowes and spent another fortune on paint for the bathroom. Played more Stardew.

Sunday. PAINT. Painting the bathroom! At first I was like woohoo doing things! Joint compound on the holes, drying, then paint! And then I remembered why I hate painting! With a passion! I will say, though, that like mattresses, it is worth getting the more expensive paint…it was evident the moment I put the roller on the wall. This paint is good stuff. More Stardew! Then M came over and we went to a different Asian buffet which turne dout to be only mediocre and then we walked around with pokemon Go for a bit before heading back in. For some reason my app was definitely not acting right so after restart, re-install I decided we should go out and look for more Pokémon. So we did. All 3 of us. And walked a loop all the way out to Walgreens and CVS, along the way seeing SEVERAL other groups doing the exact same thing. Pokémon Go phenomenon!!!! Making nerds exercise!! It is addicting, though. Then hanging out and then sleep.

Today was the usual grocery run, then Stardew, then touch up painting, then putting the bathroom back together and almost being happy before realizing that the toilet may have to be replaced sooner rather than later because despite lack of use it has been creating a puddle behind the tank. UGHHHH. I thought I was done with the darn bathrooooooooom. The ONE project I didn’t want to do and I’ll have to tackle it…ironically it’s supposed to be the easiest to do, but STILL.

But that’s for another day. And sadly I have to go back to work tomorrow. It’s all very surreal right now for me, going back to work. I feel like I’ve been away for months. At least I get to do it again in about 30 days. Maybe 40.

Oh, I managed to floss and softpick my dogs’ teeth. Hehe. I think they’re getting more tolerant of it, thought Gable still freaks out.



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