7 am 4th of July

It’s early in the morning  and I am the only one who is awake…and who has been awake for the last hour. With my sister and her husband here, it’s a full house, and makes it worse when I’m wandering around making noise or playing music. Even the dogs aren’t much awake  though Liana was just in here trying to figure out what’s going on. Gable’s in the room with me…or more importantly I’m in his room…and especially these days he’s been a long sleeper. Just made some grumbly noises when I pulled aside the curtain and when I finally dimmed my laptop screen.

Yesterday, we had our mini reunion thing at my aunt’s house. M was with us and I went through to introduce him to everyone which is so strange to me. Never done anything like that before. Feels good to have him with me and introduce him as my boyfriend, and I’m glad he was totally OK with coming given that he had zero sleep as usual. Got to see people that I may never see again.

We shall be going to Busch Gardens on Wed with my brother and I’m getting really amped up.

It was an uncomfortable night sleeping on my old twin. I TELLS YA: after sleeping on several different mattresses now of various qualities, it is FULLY worth it to invest money in a good mattress. And I really do recommend the memory foam ones. I mean, you invest in cars and houses, why not invest in a mattress where you spend 7-8 (or more) hours out of 24 in a day. Plus, the quality of sleep you achieve is so wholly important to your health!!! Just given my sleep tracker, I only got 2 hours of deep sleep last night and of course now I am still very sleepy even though I can’t sleep anymore. On a good night I have equal parts deep and light and no wakeups until morning. It’s cool to see how the graph looks on days I feel rested and those I don’t. Also not helpful is that sometime during the night I removed my nightguard and set it down next to my phone. haha.

Maybe I should try to nap? It’s 7:22 now. Tomorrow my vacation officially starts!!


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