The Week before BREAK

WHooooooo! Having a break as an adult in the workforce is a major thing!!! I am pretty stoked but I also know that it’s going to go by quickly because there are all these plans already…For instance: Saturday the 2nd is the one dinner that my mom will be home for Independence day, so we will be doing our own ribs then for her benefit. Sunday the 3rd is the minor family reunion thing with extended family and showcasing M and my mom’s cousin’s new bf. My grandma has been absolutely adamant about M coming along. I’m not really sure why because many people are probably not coming. She just likes him for some reason and my mom keeps telling me that she’s been trying to get me married off already. He seems kind of worried about it all…in-law extended family…but there’s nothing to be concerned about because we ourselves typically don’t know what we should be doing either. My sister and her husband will be there. Which brings us to the 4th where my sister is likely staying for. We’re supposed to have a sort of rib-off but not really since I’d have done ours on Saturday. I invited M for that too. Tuesday was going to be a day off for me to do things like the patio (which I’ll probably do this Saturday instead to get it over with) or painting the bathroom, but I think my sister wants her teeth cleaned so I’ll have to remember to nab keys or something. More info on that later. Then Wed the 6th is the day M, my bro and I are planning to go to Busch Gardens. The rest of the week should be free…haven’t decided if I’ll spend them here bumming around or go back to Stafford since the dogs were dissatisfied.

Why unhappy you ask? We had ventured down on Saturday for their benefit. Liana and Gable both have been going bonker dogs with too much pent up energy. Not too much running around except that Liana chased a big bunny the instant she was out the door (funny thing she was running just to chase after it, not to catch it…there was a jovial bounce to her step, not like a hunter). There were a few weeds, but since we have bunnies now, I decided to leave the clovers for them. No herbicide. They were super content just lying in the sun. I was out there myself trying to change my tuna legs, but it was HOT. Spent the rest of the afternoon inside playing games. When it was time to leave, I took them out for last potty, but instead they both just lay on the grass and the bed. Upon my indication it was time to go Gable was like, “huh? HUH???” Both were wholly not ready to leave yet and I felt bad taking them away early.

Sunday was our weekly M session. With it being the Sunday after his birthday I made him chicken apple curry like he asked a while back, and gave him his true birthday present from me (a box of love letters, which, btw, was really fun to put together…these creative ventures are always so very satisfying) while forcing him to try on the clothes my mom bought for him. He’s always so sleepy on sundays and while he slept before, this was no exception. He told me himself that while food makes me hyper, it makes him sleepy. That’s the truth too, lol. My brother’s presence makes things awkward at times, but M’s very comfortable here now and invited himself into my bed and promptly went to sleep. I have to say…it just feels so right hugging him, touching him, kissing him. Even if he’s always sleeping when I’m around him. -_-;; I’ll be seeing him a lot next week. Sometimes I feel like my energy tires him out LOL, but from my side I’d be happy seeing him every day.

Aaaand of course I’m out of time. Again. OK, well last thought I’m going to put in here is that my DDR/Just Dance workout routine, while very sporadic since the vanity thing (which is mostly done btw), is a success!! I have picture proof…or would have if I hadn’t deleted the first photo. LOL.


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