Monday Night Post!

Sooooo I decided to go ahead and update now since I’m waaaay amped up on endorphins after my 15 minutes of Just Dance 2014. I figure that this way I’m not limited by time in the morning and in my leisure I can disclose to the best of my ability. Every so often I look back and read my entries again and when they’re cut short or not in depth then I am sad and yearn for more info because apparently I’m nostalgic …such a nostalgic person.

By the way, this is week 3 of my self-induced “video game and misc workout regimen (it took me like 8 tries to spell that).” I use DDR and Just Dance video games as my cardio workouts and supplement with weight training on my Total Gym, kettle ball and free weights, as well as stretching on alternate days. It has come to light in recent times that the old duration cardio workouts really aren’t as effective as short bursts of intensive training. That’s the useful things about these games: DDR is about 2- 3 minutes a song, with long plays at 5 minutes and Just Dance is about the same since songs typically last that duration. Basically it’s 3 minutes intense (some songs more than others) and about 1 minute rest in between. I usually end up doing 15-20 minutes total of either, every other day adding 15 minutes of weight. Music is a wonderful training tool…as are quality speakers. While I’ve definitely been noticing results (just this Friday I was so proud to find out that my tummy is much more firm, my back is more strong, my upper body feels great, and my legs!!!), these last 4 days have been bad for me. Weekends  still a bit of an enigma routine-wise and not to mention things keep throwing a wrench into it all…

…namely that 2 weekends ago my pip underneath my sink burst and it has been quite an experience to try and fix it. So update on that: this weekend saw me and my brother working together to get the vanity cabinet and countertop dry fitted into the bathroom. Before that however was a bit of a mess because of the surprise birthday party for M. I woke up early and ran out to the home improvement stores because I’d decided to change the water shutoff valves themselves to the quarter turn instead of the multi-turn kinds, with the future longevity in mind. Not to mention, the hot-water valve had a slow leak overnight. Th goal was to have it all done and fitted y 12 so I could go to the party, but as usual I ended up making several trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot because I can’t seem to buy the right parts the first nor even the second time. Around 12 I finally had the pieces I needed and proceeded to test (we’d had the water shutoff to the whole house at this point since around 10:30). Unfortunately for us, it was a dual geyser due to error on both our parts. It shot so hard it even hit the ceiling. I left for the party knowing full well we couldn’t use water…

THE PARTY. I’m glad I came on time despite his sister recommending I come late. M’s mom was totally beside herself in excitement. There was that measure of awkwardness as to be expected, but overall a good experience. M kept whisking me away to the basement for whatever reason. I think he was afraid I’d feel awkward, but I was fine with my observation intent. I managed to come up and hang out anyways and ended up yakking with his mom the most. His direct siblings were hanging around to listen, and while I was aware of being scrutinized the whole time, I didn’t feel awkward almost at all. It was a variety of reasons: familiarity at work dealing with multiple strangers and having to make small talk and having them feel comfortable all day long, readying myself by being content to just observe interactions, his mom constantly talking to me so I didn’t have time to feel awkward, and my own personality to begin with. I kind of wish I’d had more time to watch, but I saw plenty that’s for sure. He was happy, I could tell, and because of that his family was happy too. The only person I got a bad vibe from was his brother’s wife whose voice was grating on my ears and I didn’t like how she was treating her kid or husband. Well. It is the first time, so I’m sure the drama was held apart, but his siblings get along well at least on the surface. M ended up kicking me out, concerned that my brother “wouldn’t be able to poop (which is a true legitimate concern)” and I left to go to Lowe’s to pick up he remaining pieces of the valve puzzle.

Came back, stressed how to apply what I’d just bought, just winged it and we both crossed out fingers as the water got turned back on. To this night, so far so good…cabinet in, countertop in, mirror torn down, found out that the previous owners’ poor DIY work spread even to the light fixture after we shut of the electricity to the house. Just the faucet to go…which even though I went there again TODAY to finally pick it up, found much to my dismay and frustration that it’s only THE TRIM. NOT THE VALVES. All the money I spent was just for the TRIM OF THE FREAKING FAUCET. So I had to spend even MORE money now on Amazon to get it here tomorrow so I can freaking finish this, troubleshoot and so that my Saturday can go as I intended which is to go south and let my poor dogs run because they’re getting crazy. They’ve BEEN crazy. Seriously I’ve spent about $1k on this bathroom so far and I’m not done yet. Still have to paint, buy the mirror and deal with the bathtub. THat’s without replacing the toilet or doing the tile!!! Now I fully understand why a bathroom renovation is so ungodly expensive. This is me doing the labor myself…I would totally charge as much as the plumbers do. It’s obnoxious work!!

M is really extremely fun to hug. I am gaga over this guy. Seriously. Finishing up his true birthday gift this week.

OH omg I forgot to mention one other unfortunate thing: I found out yesterday that I had a screw in my  tire. My tires were new in October! Talk about icing on the cake…it’s always something you know??? Went and got it plugged this morning. Man I just keep learning stuff about things in life let me tell you! Live and learn. That’s for reals.

OK. The endorphin rush is waaaaaay gone now. I can finally sleep in peace tonight. Nighguard IN! I guess I’ll jot down a note for him really quick.

Yaaa no way I could’ve gotten all of this in tomorrow in the span of 15 minutes.


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