Tomorrow, Saturday…

I came home on Wednesday and found a card addressed to me…didn’t recognize the handwriting, but the I did the address. M lives there. I excitedly took a picture and was about to send it to him with a text “wat dis” when I thought better of it and deleted it. Something was off about it. Walked the dogs and came back to open it. Turns out it was from his sister! An invitation to a surprise birthday party tomorrow, Saturday, for M and also a father’s day celebration while they’re at it.

My first reaction was, uh oh. He had explicitly expressed his wish to not have anything at all like this done for his birthday. So he’s going to be mad. My presence there might make it better and in some small way everyone is inwardly happy about a party thrown for them, but I totally understand him in that aspect because, I too, completely agree about parties. I hate them. ESPECIALLY birthday ones. Obviously it will be disguised as a father’s day thing, but it will be interesting to see what happens. And that means, yes, I am going because I can’t run away forever. He’s been thwarting his family for me, because he hadn’t wanted me to meet everyone yet. As I’d suspected it was another ploy to finally meet me, as they’d had several instances where they’d tried in the past. His sister told me it was at the behest of his mom (whom I’ve already met). Why not?

As much as I want to tell him, though, who am I to get in the way of his family, especially this sister’s mostly well-intentioned plans? While I did have plans of sort (i.e. my new bathroom vanity) that’s hardly an excuse. But I freaking hate parties. Really. I already hate the ones my own family throws and those are with people I already know…make it with complete strangers, and WHAM. However, I am constantly around strangers at work, so I figure I can handle it, and even while I may sit there bored, it will be wonderfully fascinating to observe the family interaction. Take the stuff I’ve gathered from what he says, put it together with my own deductions, an formulate my report. haha. Even more interesting will be his reaction to this sort of stress plus how he interacts with his own family.

All in all it will be rewarding from a relationship standpoint, and hopefully I won’t embarrass myself. I’m sure I will somehow or another. And I am well aware that they, themselves will certainly be judging me as much as I am judging them. If they are anything like my dad’s side of the family, which they sound like they are, then I have a good guess as to what will happen there and after. Might have to pull out and polish my Dark Side skills. They’ve been lying dormant for a while now.

Only one way to do it: JUMP IN. Stay tuned for full disclosure and post-event thoughts.


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