My fears yesterday were easily explained. I told you my overactive brain leads to paranoia that is ill-founded…Turns out he ended up texting “I love you bebe gurl” in a group message to his guy friends. Sent me the screenshot and everything.

While I wouldn’t give up that analytical aspect of my brain, it does have its downsides that’s for sure…

I did something to my muscles the other day and now they don’t feel good. I got my new DDR dance pad yesterday and went to try it. Did horribly, so I figured it was the new pad. Switched back to the old pad and did just as poorly, though I felt like I’d fall over less. The real problem? I’d switched back to DDRMax #1 which for whatever reason is much harder than the DDRMax #2??? At the end of 2 rounds (after failing one of them) I was just moving my feet randomly during the credits playing CANDY, when I found, much to my disbelief, that my legs just don’t move that quickly  anymore….except that’s the speed you need to play on heavy or standard mode. THAT’s why I thought the new pad wasn’t working properly. The real reason is I’m just too heavy and the muscles are so slow…DANG THESE WOMANLY FAT DISTRIBUTIONS. 10 years ago it was difficult but not impossible. Now it just seems utterly impossible.

Well…what my 10-year-younger self didn’t have that my present self does have is much more grit and more to lose if I give up. That will just have to be my new goal to work towards.



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