Having stored the crap from underneath my sink in a basket and a crate, I’d left it in Gable’s room and OMG the smell!!! It’s gone from the bathroom now, but dang it must’ve gotten all over my stuff because the smell grows everyday from the stuff. Taking it downstairs…poor puppy having to live with that. He’s so adorable.

Friday can’t come fast enough this week…I’d considered taking the day off to get a jumpstart on installing it, but I needs the moolas to pay for the darn thing.

So the texting storm between me and M has come to a halt of sorts. For over a year we’d text each other insanely. So many texts. But I’ve noticed for the past week that it’s much less in coming. That’s a good thing right? Have we finally run out of things to say to each other? I know I’m going to see him on Sundays anyways. We don’t have to affirm anything anymore because we comfortable with each other? Too bad there’s not a guidebook on all of this…I trust him, but I can’t stop the little voices in my head…those analytical buggers that are constantly sifting through countless possibilities and scenarios. Don’t make paranoid doggone it!!

OK time to go again.


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