Quite a weekend…

…ups and downs together. Variety weekend!

On Saturday…um. I don’t remember too terribly much about this probably because I spent the vast majority of it playing Megaman Battle Network 5 and 4. OHHHH. That morning saw me raring to do something active or go somewhere, so I walked the dogs for about 30 minutes and then jumped into the backyard to clean up and dive into the patio reclamation project I’ve been meaning to do. Found a soft cicada, unearthed whilst pulling up all the patio pavers. I’m supposed to be making it more level and replacing the broken one while rimming it all in the proper way with the paver edges. Let’s just say it was HOT. Like oppressively humid and HOT. And the more pavers in succession you move the worse it gets. After giving up on that, I mowed the lawn, took a shower and collapsed on the couch for the remainder of the day before church. That night had us test out our RIB MAKING and the new pizza stones on the grill. The ribs. Turned out. AMAZING. We even did it wrong because we didn’t have the correct amount of time to do it properly. Can you imagine doing it the right way????

Sunday was much more eventful…and not in a particularly good way. I woke up and went into the bathroom. There had been a noticeable scent for the last 2 days but I hadn’t paid it much mind until I threw on a shirt that had fallen on the floor all night near the cabinet. It was saturated in the smell. For the few days because I’d cough violently and sneeze every time I was in my bathroom. I am well aware that the bathtub issue needs to be remedied and probably has mold growing in the ceiling but this was the vanity, not the tub! Gable had also been gagging for at least a week…their noses are so much sharper than ours. Anyways, I threw open the cabinet doors and WHAMO the smell lamblasted me. Great. Just great. Start pulling things out of it and damn it all it’s all wet. Nasty nasty nasty! Get everything cleared out and turns out the disgusting looking P-trap is cracked. Who knows how long it’s been like that???

Conclusion? That vanity replacement I’ve been planning needs to happen. NOW. Even if it’s just a plumbing issue right now, it is time. So I watch a few how-to videos on my phone, and head out to Lowe’s. Ended up wasting an hour and a half of my life there because they were severely understaffed and the plumbing guy had me wait after some irate customers were busy. Then (I felt for the older gentleman but omg) with it my turn, something as easy as buying in-stock items turned into this whole thing and in the end I could tell that he honestly had no idea how to work the computer and all the other customer complaints began making sense. At times like that I think of what a difference I could make if I worked there myself, but it’s not my problem so off I decided to order it all online much to his relief and I ran to Home Depot. Now, there’s a big reason why I prefer Lowe’s, but at least HD was staffed with less frazzled workers. Their stuff costs less too and probably more convenient, but quality tends to reflect that…so I decided that if I’m going to do this that I’m going to splurge for the nice stuff; it was my goal all along to tie the bathrooms together in looks, especially the upstairs ones. Albeit slowly. LOL. I don’t know what to do about the floor tile I hate so much since these vanities sit on it. While there i picked up a few p-traps and stuff kicking myself for once more being unprepared to buy pvc piping. I mean I’ve done this once before…

Make it home and proceed to start the pipe replacing process only to find that the same people who did the kitchen plumbing must have done all the rest…now I dont claim to know very much about plumbing but the reason it was so confusing was/is they used the wrong piping. There are pipes dedicated to kitchen and bathroom plumbing and this is not it. Either way I didnt have the right parts. So I remove the pieces to take with me. Boom. I broke a pipe but God loves me because it was just an easy to replace part that broke. I swear the people before be had no idea what they were doing.

A bit bummed, M texts that he is about to arrive so he can buy me my Garmin Vivosmart HR+ that I was raving about on Saturday. Twice I voiced concern about it being so darn expensive and he wouldn’t hear of it. Completely adamant about buying it for me. I must be careful about what I tell him I want in the future. Anyways the decision was made to wait for him so we only have to make one trip, so I spent the time buying my new vanity, countertop, and faucet. A bazillion dollars later and financed thank goodness it’s settled and in tbe nick of time for me to head to Lowe’s and Target.

He still makes me heart go flutter and my head jumbled because as it turns out I bought the wrong p-trap. Back out I go alone this time to HD. Pick up the piece, head back. Once again I HAVE ANOTHER WRONG PIECE. I dont want to go back out again so in procrastination I go ahead and make my pipe cuts to measure for the rest of it. My Dremel Max has definitely paid for itself by now. My brother recommends that I just leave it but I hate leaving things undone so one more time I run to HD. Now I have all the correct pieces and a bag full to-return items. I start cementing after a successful dry fit when i realize….wth. My brother’s right: why permanently adhere when i dont even know if the new vanity will have the same dimensions????? DAMMIT ALL. That’s why I was hoping to have it all done in one day!!!! Buy it, have it, install it. Done. No more worrying about it. Now I have to wait (OH THE IMPATIENCE) until Friday…but the last unknown, of course, for another reason why I was OK buying it online: I don’t know if it would’ve fit in my car. So it might have been in vain anyways.

Unfortunately there are still unknowns to the project…and grievances. For one, I would LOVE to have the floor re-tiled but that’s one project I don’t know how to do, am ill-equipped to do so and have been told to leave to the professionals. Our house is a testament to the last tip: the previous owners did their own DIY stuff and their floor tiling is showing signs that it was not a pro job. Tiles are starting to come loose and not level to the floor. In opposition, my ugly white tile is perfectly straight, level and adhered. The worst part about it is that the vanity sits right on top of tile, so in the future if I wanted to retile the floor, the vanity would have to come out. Again. Secondly, I did end up cementing some of the pipes, so now with the unknown of sink connection dimensions, I’m afraid of what I’ll have to deal with. Thirdly, those dang water supply lines. That’s probably why they didn’t update this bathroom…it’s the old-school pure metal supply lines…the kind that can easy explode on you. The compression fittings are more than likely corroded just like the PVC piping…so I had spent the morning of Monday trying to find the best way to remove them short of cutting them off, but being careful not to break the valve itself. Then there’s the issue of the ugly botton of the wall tiling that I will more than likely cut so that I don’t have to cut the vanity itself. Fourthly, they never sealed the hold around the piping!!!

As much as I enjoy learning and doing this stuff, there is a measure of stress that comes from the unknown and that ever looming possibility of a total mess-up costing me 3x more than I bargained for.

I guess if you never do it, you’ll never know…

Anyways that night my mom was home so we went out to eat and then they left M and me alone on the couch. There’s no doubt about how much in love with this guy I am. I like to think (and I’m fairly sure of it) that he returns the sentiment. He tells me all the time, but I’m too much of myself to say it much in person. Dummy. Dummy.

Monday saw us wake up early to get the grocery run out of the way for it was thought that the stuff would have been delivered then. Turns out it wasn’t. So I played some megaman, washed some dog blankies and was able to catch the E3 Microsoft press conference on SpikeTV. I’d never seen any coverage of the E3 before so this was new for me.

Aaaaand that’s about it for me. Finally done with this post, one day later!




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