Wow. So Much. To Say.

Where to begin…knowing this fact, I woke up early and readied myself, but thwarted it all at the last moment by starting to read my book. Of course.

OK, so what to say?

My “perfect present” is well underway for M’s birthday coming up. I decided to write him a series of love notes everyday at least once and then putting it all together in the end and giving it to him. Well…so far it’s every week day not every day as apparently I like my weekends, and they’re not so much love notes as diary entries addressed to him. Wut. Oh well. I wonder how I’m going to end up giving it…packaged up in envelopes with ribbon? Or haphazardly thrown together and handed over in a bunch?

I took Liana to the vet yesterday and normally my pups are great and I have a wonderful experience there which is why I keep coming back. It has been a while as I’ve been a horrible dog mom, so we had to start the vaccines over again. First off, I was so low on gas and forgot so I had to take it easy and chill on the accelerator. Then as we got in the first thing to greet us were 2 big fluffy dogs one of which quickly scrabbled to his feet and began barking ferociously at us. I’m not afraid of dogs but it’s hard to hide that instant fear in a bark that loud and menacing. I stood there and I don’t think Liana reacted too much as she tends not to react…I’m not sure what Gable would have done. His owners moved him across the waiting room and I went to get Liana on the scale. They had us hid a bit while the big dogs went into an exam room and we spent the rest of the time waiting. She was being curious and noisy as usual and the whole office seemed rather quiet. I think we were the only ones there. When it was finally our turn we went in with the assistant/tech person (I can’t remember what colors are which) and went through the series of questions and cost and stuff. They left us for a bit as we waited for the vet and Liana finally calmed down enough to lie flat on the floor.

Our person returned with another person and they proceeded to start the blood draw. As they were setting up, that unmistakable and wholly concerning anxiety feeling washed through me and I knew something not so positive was about to happen. That’s the feeling I get at work when someone in the  dental office is having an anxiety attack…usually a patient. It certainly was not me, because why in the world would I be nervous about this? I don’t even mind blood draws on myself. So to stop myself from spreading that nervous feeling, I breathed, smiled, and buried myself in my phone…but it wouldn’t go away because whichever of the 2 it was feeling it was feeling it something bad. Unfortunately for my little girl. She, of course, could feel that too and in her unease because rather uncooperative. Even when the doctor herself came in and I was distracted (proving it wasn’t me) she wouldn’t have any of it. If anything the doctor’s presence made the culprit even more nervous. In the end, my girl was bleeding a lot and the doctor took it herself from a front leg with some trouble. They bandaged her leg up, and she remained…traumatized? not the right word, but uneasy the rest of the appointment. And then, her back legs began trembling something bad. Now that made me upset and confused. I suspected the bandage was on too tightly because her tail never went under in fear. My poor baby was pretty stressed out and therefore tired for the remainder of the day, and I have to say that was one of the less positive experiences I’ve had there. Not terrible, but something was way off with the aura of the office yesterday. Maybe some infighting? Dunno.

Wow how’d I run out of time? I knew I should’ve done this last night….OK, until next time then!


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