Memorial Day Weekend

We had our big family celebration thing on Saturday with my grandparents and my dogs included. At their house too, which made them both extremely happy. My uncle was there as well as my grand aunt and one of my aunts and her 2 kids. Gable and Liana were just exhausted and overheating because it was SO HOT and I’d taken them out early that morning for a park walk. Went to church there too and I was reminded of why I like that church better. Food and family and dogs…what more can you ask for ?

Then Sunday my bro, M and I trekked out to Springfield to visit Dave and Busters. I’d never been to one before and neither had my bro! I think it was a smaller one but man, being in an arcade again was great. The next day saw my bro and I ont he TV with Resident Evil Revelations and then M came and we lounged for a bit before grilling ourselves too. I have to say it wasn’t as good as usual…maybe because we’d had too much already? But it was fun to have all the grilled stuff.

And also tomorrow, June 1, is our official 6-month/half year anniversary. We made it past the 3-6 month probationary/trial period! Whooo!!!

Interestingly it is pretty accurate, the time duration I mean. It’s just about the right amount of time to get past that new-lover-infatuation stage, to get comfortable enough that little things start making themselves clear, such as personality quirks, being less afraid of speaking up about things, and getting down what’s expected, tolerated, and figuring out the groundwork and what you want out of the relationship. Not to say that it’s a surefire OMG let’s get married RIGHT NOW, because it takes more time than that in my opinion. I see him once a week, unless it was something special like this weekend when I saw him 2x in consecutive order. Getting him on days when he’s sleepy vs days when he’s not is so different. I’d like more of the non-sleepy days, but then he gets harder to manage lol.

One thing so far that I’ve been struggling with him about is whether or not he enjoys our lounge sessions…is he bored…does he want to do something else…because he never speaks up and when I ask he says he’s ok? He always comes with us on our doggie walks. I always get the feeling that he wants to do something but I dunno what. Normally our after dinner routine is just someone’s watching TV or using it to play games while the rest of us watch, play on phones/tablets, or wander off which is what I usually do upstairs to either get on the laptop, play games, play piano, be on my phone or read a book.

Oh well. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. I should just trust him to let me know if he wants something. That, so far, he’s been pretty good about.


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