Alas, The Food. Again.

For 6 months I was in heaven…not because I died or because my relationship has been official for almost 6 months…but because my dogs…ATE…THEIR…FOOD. Well at least one of them every day. We even coined the name “tapeworm dog” for Gable because his appetite was just amazing. But as all good things do, it came to a crashing end. Last week…or has it been 2? My dogs are back on their food striking and I am subject to the stress yet again.

Still haven’t figured out brings it on…warm weather, neighbor dogs in heat, pollen, reapplication of their flea and tick, fertilizers, getting tired of the food or just plain obnoxiousness. It’s hard to change their food because they don’t like much of anything and Gable does have a sensitive stomach, so when I find one I stick with it. These days I’ve stopped going for the expensive ones because in the end I always give them our food, so what’s the point of an expensive kibble? I used to be able to do with Gable the deal where he eats half the dry kibble then I give him the good stuff and it worked well because it kept him eating and wanting something better…I’ve found repeatedly that if I just give them the good stuff off the bat they rarely finish their food and pick all the good things. That’s how I know they’re just being brats and also why the half and half deal was good…kept him guessing and much less food wasting.

However, it all went out the window when I got Liana because she one STUBBORN dog. Gable I have down to a behavior science, but she is still an enigma which throws a wrench in my dealings because unless both dogs go along with it, it doesn’t work. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to figure her out. They say that a truly stubborn dog is rare, but I am convinced I have one of these rarities. She has an intelligent mind and an intense but fragile spirit…something very tricky to deal with.



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