Hair, anger, and acquisition

The worst part about warmer weather is the removal of hair. Body hair. Ugh. I’ve tiraded about this before, but it never gets less annoying. You first have to remove the hair and then it ingrows itself and you’re left with should you attempt to dig it out or should you just leave it? Either way there’s no winning. Doesn’t matter if you’re waxing or shaving. Shaving is faster, but then it comes back QUICK and thick despite what the “experts” say. Not to mention that shaving isn’t always skin-close. Waxing is time consuming, costly and wasteful, but it does work better than shaving…on those hairs that it actually catches…and you have to prep your skin days in advance or you get…ingrown hairs. Who am I kidding, you get those suckers no matter what!!! I repeat: why fight a process that’s so natural and your body wants so much to restore?  Boyfriends, and the general population of people. Bluh.

2 weeks ago I had my whole family and 2 dogs in the car and experienced a bout of rage…I’d been doing really well about the car anger outbursts, and it almost came as a surprise how vehement it was, especially given those in my car. After mulling over it I came to the realization that having them in my car CAUSED the higher level of anger to jump out. It’s a perverse and backwards need to “protect” those that I love, causing me to lash out at a perceived threat intensely and almost prematurely when I could just slow down or complain but otherwise not react negatively. Ironically that “protection” instinct makes the same targets of my “goodwill” distrust and fear me and my actions. There’s another driving factor there which is feminine cyclic hormones, but I’ve had car rage issues since forever. I wonder if this breakthrough in analysis will help curb it in the future…I was doing so well.

My sister informed me this past weekend that something is wrong with the lawnmower. This, people, is what I was fearing, and why I save a little cash each paycheck, because every year something unexpected pops up and I’m at a loss as to how to pay for it, not wishing to delve into bank accounts. I am trying to save money after all. Well I took the men in my life (nonfurry) to look at lawnmowers with me and make a decision: should I finally break my no gasoline in the house rule and get a small riding mower, or should I just get another battery powered one? Riding obviously is pricey ($1k to be exact) and requires space, maintenance and a little know-how to drive it, but would ultimately benefit for the future and further future given my desire for a house with a yard. Battery doesn’t help with the fact that it takes a whole day to cut the freakin’ lawn because, well, it’s battery, but price, noise, fume, storage, and maintenance-wise it is a cinch. So in the end it came down to money. That will leave enough room so that if it turns out to be a battery issue with the old one that a new battery means 2 lawn mowers at our disposal. In the end: I chose the more practical choice over the initially-more-fun choice. Supposed to be coming in the mail today actually.

How is my man? His knowledge about riding lawn mowers was very helpful. He and my brother are costing me a fortune in eating-out bills, though. Must figure out a way around that…the problem is that he likes to come on Sundays and we grocery shop on Mondays…so the well is usually dry at that point. My brother and I, when it’s just us, will either randomly eat things or go out to eat, but my brother has big taste. M is pretty easy as am I, happy eating whatever we have there. We’re learning more about each other as the days plod on. I don’t want to grow complacent around him, but it’s nice to have that easy relationship.

OUT OF TIME. Xenoblade Chronicles X is getting good, btw.


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