I’m Upset With Myself

Why. WHY did I spend such a ridiculous amount of money this past month???? I was doing so well too for a while there not spending anything besides the groceries. It was all a landslide after I splurged for the home improvement stuff… I just wanted to make people happy :(.  And in the process, break the bank and prevent my budget from becoming a success. The culprit this time? Eating out. I mean, it was rather integral for the sake of my relationship with my family and M, but if we can help it I’d rather not…not just for finances but for bodily health too. Eating out and then I splurged on buying collars for my dogs because well they need more things. I know quite well that the amount I spent there should have been more appropriately allocated towards vet bills…because they’ve still not gone and my vet constantly spams my house and email with reminders. I think I’ve been successfully sending money into savings…no matter how piddly…because that is the ultimate goal of all of this. These days I have another account to place money into: my Payflex HSA account which is a savings account, so another bank account that I have.

SAVING IS THE GOAL. not spending. Spending is all fine and dandy because heck why else am I working other than to achieve my goal in life? And what is that goal? HAPPINESS. However, while it’s true that I could die tomorrow, the possibility exists that I will live until I’m 100, so it would be stupid of me to not plan ahead.

…I have no clue why I never update on Mondays (prolly something to do with video games)…the limited time on Tuesday mornings is frustrating but I do it every week. haha. OK off I go.



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