I have yet to figure out this relationship balance thing I’ve been trying to attain because when I think of him my heart swells like a balloon. It’s a wonderful feeling and I hope that I never forget that I feel that way about him. I forced myself to focus on my Project AoWaM document last night and was surprised to find that my creativity hasn’t gone anywhere. Like I’d mentioned before, I just really can’t multitask well. There is a benefit in coming back after a long hiatus and seeing things with new eyes. In a way being in this relationship has benefitted the writing process because I have new experiences to pull upon. Instead of imagining an action or feeling, I’ve already had it in real life. It’s more accurate that way.

I WILL achieve this balance I seek!

In the mean time, I had to jump on the end of Nintendo’s Spring Sale (which ends in a few hours) because Zero’s Last Reward is n SALE. WHoooo. I’ve been waiting for someone to buy me this game forever,  but no one ever did. Good thing I checked my email for lo and behold! TADAAA. Downloading on the 3DS as we speak. I’d also like Lego Jurassic Park, but I think I prefer my Lego games on console. The DS ones leave something to be desired. OH did you know that Phoenix Wright is on Crunchy Roll now? I eagerly watched the available 3 episodes. Having faithfully played all the games, it’s a little disappointing that anime can’t get into each character like the game can, but nevertheless it’s so exciting to watch even if I know exactly what’s going to happen. My brother, who has never played the game, likes it despite not knowing the extensive details surrounding each episode. The Phoenix Wright series is one of my most beloved games. I don’t like when a book or game ends but when you’re as emotionally invested as in this series, you REALLY don’t want it to end…I have all the manga and even the doujinshi collection released for it.

Sigh. Get my NERD ON. M asked yet again if we can adopt him. ^^


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