I didn’t update yesterday or Monday…mostly because I was writing a review about my car on Amazon yesterday as I was requested to by Amazon itself. Weekend saw the first official gardening/yardwork session of the year and that resulted in me moving 560 lbs of retaining wall stone at one time through Lowes, into my car, out of my car as well as digging through concrete soil and metal grass to place them properly. In the end up moved 640 lbs of stones total along with soil, mulch, etc. It’s no wonder at all that I ended up spending the next 2 days as a blob unable to walk around like a normal person because my glutes and hamstrings were shot. The rest of me was OK. Felt good though.

Of course, that means that I blew my budget…and on both houses too since I went and got a bunch of stuff for te townhouse’s deck renewal mission. THe plan is to get both houses ready to sell quickly if need be…especially the townhouse. If we see a property we like it needs to be jumped on very quickly or it’ll go…like what happened this weekend. I kind of knew, but it boils down to this house needs to be able to go ASAP. Fix all the stuff up that needs to be fixed. Then if the right house comes along, make an offer, throw everything into storage and be ready to show the house quickly. I am confident that the property will be sold quickly given the location and the property itself, but it still needs to be a quick appeal to the buyer just like when we bought it originally….having a buy contingent upon sale will be something new for us.

Daggumit. I started writing too late…so other than that, nothing else really happened! M and I are even more comfortable with each other after last week’s discussion. I am happy.


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