…So apparently unicorns were real. Fossils in Siberia prove it. That means it’s not a far stretch about dragons!!! Whoooo.

I was surprised, pleasantly so, when M asked to come for Easter. Not only that but it was meant to be, because his work was all overnight and he could come. He was nervous again because my mom likes to make males nervous (well all people not just men) and he was seated right across from her, but it was all OK. Originally I thought I wouldn’t be seeing him this weekend, but! I did! It’s gotten to the point where after 5 days there’s a terrible yearning to see him, hear him and feel him. One of these days, and I know it, I’ll be tired of seeing him continually, but not yet. He was unbelievably tired, though, so I was a bit concerned. My brother still does not know how to entertain people. He’s always playing the games and we’re sitting there not doing anything. But now that Easter and Lent are done, we can plan for a Friday Dave and Busters!

Man, I do NOT want to go to work today.

My body is dumb. My brain is up every day before 6am (it was verrrry happy when I had to get up for sunrise mass on Sunday) and my body is typically a little slower but quick on the uptake especially if there’s something to do. That’s why technically gym time then would be great because I’m already up just with other people sleeping + small house + I’m noisy = no. However, on a work day, brain is still up but body is lagging. LAGGING. It yawns and drags and is stuck on loading screen. But tell it that I’m on break or we’re on vacation and BOOM it’s been up since 4 and my brain can’t keep up.

See? Yawn. Right there.

Gable is adorable. It’s so funny, the personality of the 2 of them…I’m not sure if it has anything to do with male and female, but he’s more simple, straightforward, and eager to please. Has his obnoxiousnesses, but there’s not much guesswork with him. Liana on the other hand adds a layer of complexity to the mix. I can’t discipline her the same way because she responds differently. I guess it’s not so much guesswork as gray area with her…hmmm it’s hard to explain. She’s just less straightforward, less eager to please. She’s loyal to me proven by the instances of affection she asks for these days, but sometimes she’s more loyal than other times.

G is moving back to the area in 2 weeks. Time to really get the dogs to the vet, as he wants to join us on weekend hikes sometime. I can’t let them greet other dogs because they’re waaaay off their vet vaccination schedules.

Games I’m playing currently: stilllllll haven’t finished Xenoblade yet so I can move on to Xenoblade X…I’m so close… Still on Assassin’s Creed. I’ve done the vast majority of the side quests, and am finally pushing on with the story. I think I’m 60% through the story. I will never get tired of Assassin’s Creed games. The Division…I don’t think I’ll ever finish. I suck at FPS, and I bought it by accident anyways. It’s a good game in it’s own right, and I like the way it plays and is laid out, but definitely not my style of game. There’s no keeping up with these FPS males.

DANGIT why is it past 8am alreaaaaddddyyyy?


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