I may or may not have gone to see some flowers this weekend even though it was too early to see much. I may or may not have gone with someone I love. I may or may not have had a great time despite the weather and cool temperatures. I am not at liberty to discuss details, at least for a little while.

Spent much of the weekend playing video games again. I don’t understand why it always falls like that where the weekends are all cold and dreary while the weekdays when I work are ideal. No yardwork being done, nothing accomplished. Admittedly I should have started on my yearly cram session of CE courses for licensure renewal, but I figure I’ll do that after dinner all this week. CRAM CRAM CRAM. Trying a different system this year where I bought the course material online. My brother bought a sound system so now my game playing is in SURROUND SOUND much to the chagrin of my dogs.

Finally put Frontline on the doggies and so now I can go places with them!!! Except that it was cold. And dreary. Sigh.

My heart is going through some strange, foreign emotion right now. It has been 3 days and I’m not sure what it is. It’s an overwhelming yearning, desire. Not lustful, but it’s driving me crazy. Just crazy. Maybe that’s what all these songs are always talking about. I just. Want. Him.

Have you ever wondered why the vast majority of songs out there are love songs? Songs are sung poems that could be about literally anything, but most of them are about love. I get that love tends to send us into strong emotions (as I just described. LOL) which inspires songs, but it could be about my family, my kids, my doggies, this awesome trip we had, how fantastic cosplay and anime are, etc. They’re out there (not counting the religious ones), just not as many. Or it could be that people prefer the lovey ones? Weird Al. LOL.

Spring break for public school today. I hope the week is chill.


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