Proto-oncogenes and Oncogenes

Those are what I was learning about this morning in my daily 5 minute biology class. Some days when I’m reading through things it appalls me how bad my attention span has gotten. I’ll be reading and then all of the sudden the words meld together and my brain wanders off to something totally different, even when I’m trying to concentrate. On top of that the concepts themselves become difficult to comprehend, and I have to read them over and over slowly to try and make sense of things. Diagrams are useful, but I would just crave the voice of  an instructor to explain things. There are good and bad days…People are different types of learners, but I don’t think I’m one particular type. I prefer to go to an actual class to listen, but there are days I’d rather read. So…I’m all 3? Audio, visual, and physical? I can’t just listen, I have to take notes too, but typically (or historically, rather) if I can do all 3 at once in class then studying doesn’t take long at all. Never spent much time studying in my academic career…it was mostly reinforcing concepts and trying to figure out the parts I didn’t understand the first time around.

I am having the absolute worst time trying to get up this week. Yes, it’s the week of daylight savings time, but I’ve always gotten up at the necessary hour before….what’s the difference??? It can only be concluded that the allergens brought on by spring and the cloudiness is doing it. What’s the worst, though, is that I actually have to do a 10-hour day tomorrow so…this inability to get up thing is gonna SUCK. At least my dreams last night were good. Like really fun. SO much so that I really didn’t want to get up. My dreams are the best!!! Even if I can’t remember them now.

This past weekend didn’t pan out at all like I wanted it to. Originally I intended to go south, but with it being so warm lately and ticks already in full run, I didn’t want to expose my dogs to the possibility yet without the Frontline, especially because I’ve been extremely delinquent on their vaccines and vet visits. So I reasoned I’d stay home and powerwash the fence! Spent the whole Saturday morning wrecking the basement looking for ONE piece–one crucial piece–of the unit. Couldn’t find it, so no powerwashing, but worse, I spent MONIES on 2 instrument books in order to buy the part I needed. As is turns out, my brother had one all along. -_-;;  Instead I game binged on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (XBOX ONE) Saturday, Sunday and some of Monday too. LOVE me Assassin’s Creed games…

Didn’t accomplish too much of anything lol.

M and I are going to see Cherry Blossoms on Saturday! Whoo!! I’m excited. Last time I went was 6 years ago with another M when I first came up here. Hopefully they’ll be blooming. They moved the peak dates to this weekend, but it got rather cold again…so I’m thinking it won’t be as peak as they thought. I keep trying to find things I do with him, but doggone it his schedule is so difficult to work around.

In finances, I’ve paid off all the outstanding bills and such, mortgage is up to date, so whatever is left after this week, is going right into savings…and then budget…COMMENCE. To the best of my ability. lol. Well…less spending, but then to get things like vet visits done. I’m complaining about tomorrow, but that’s extra moola to boost the dog visits. Extra hours to pay for half a vet visit for one dog lol.

My brother and my mom are busy planning the week of vacation I demanded they take without me so I can have the house to myself for a week with the dogs. I had to demand because my mom was getting weird as usual about “not having everyone together.” I was like, just go to give me some time alone and honestly from here on out we’re probably not going to be together nearly as often as in the past. She seriously needs to get out more, but that’s another rant for another time because I’m LATE.




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