So that whole budget thing? Blew out of the water this past weekend. How did THAT happen? Uuugh. Don’t go excess shopping when trying to stay on a buuddggeet. But I got all excited because it’s spring now and there are things to get done that I do want to get done. YARDWORK FTW.

On the other hand I did manage to plant myself on the exercise bike last night for….20 minutes!! That’s good! The best part of it is that I hit anaerobic heart rate AND my thighs didn’t inhibit the progress this time. When I started it initially I couldn’t last longer than 2 minutes because my thighs couldn’t handle it, but since Old Rag handled that for me, I’m just happy that it’s remained properly muscled. Maybe that “learning how to walk” thing after the incident highlighted how I was never using the right muscles in my legs to walk to begin with. So my 2-time exercise success coupled with an increase in portion control (and subsequently decreased desire to stuff my face) is an enthusiastic tip off to the New Year’s goal. Now if only I could manage to not spend so much money…I mean my budget proved that if I can control that then I could save money no problem even with my less than full time work schedule.

Spent Saturday with the bf. More and more when I’m spending time with him, I don’t want to go back to life with my mom and brother. I know that will change when we do tie the knot and start our life together (yes, it’s at that confidence level in this relationship) because I will most certainly miss it and suddenly crave that mother/daughter bond I have now. That’s not something I’m giving up, no no, I’d love to be close enough to still go grocery shopping together or something, but I know it will be different. In speaking with my brother and seeing her reactions to both him and me, it is apparent that she, herself, is noticing the detachment process. Yesterday she told me that it makes her sad. As usual I countered with our ages and she should’ve/would’ve let us go years before if our family and life was more normal for young Americans.

My brother got another raise at work and is now actively house searching for tax reasons. That’s pretty cool.

Finished Project X Zone 2 this past weekend, aside from actually finishing a game for once, I was SO HAPPY that it ended well. Now I have to finish the first game…where in the world did it get itself to? M really wants me to buy The Division which came out at midnight. He’s on Spring Break so he was up all night playing it. I see pics of my friends and cousins on spring break and I’m jealous that I never got to enjoy it like that. Oh well. As much as I am attached to him, I’m trying to remove myself a little that I’m not so dependent on the constant texting…I mean you get to the point where it’s so much that when you do get together or talk on the phone, there’s nothing to talk about. Trying to figure out what our next trip is going to be. We decided we want to go back to DC so I recommended the Cherry Blossom festival. Let’s see when we will do that!

I just realized that after complaining for the past few years about not getting breaks like school anymore, I’m….used to it. Haha! I’m old! When did that happen? I think this is the first time so very recently. Check that out! I’m grown up….when did that happen…?



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