My irritation has yet to dissipate. So he texted me all bubbly and happy saying sorry about yesterday i was up until 12 talking to them blah blah blah and went on to recount an interesting dream…stuff we usually do. I appreciated the words and squeezed out a couple things that i know i should be feeling but still can not to this moment in time shake the apathetic feeling I’m going through right now. Apathetic. All around. Just a hint of aggravation. I think he realizes something is wrong because he’s not usually this chipper…i think? I dunno my sour mood is curdling my brain.

You know what this means of course: an overall intolerable day. Maybe people at work will make me happier. The gray, cold and snowy weather isn’t helping much. When I’m negative it tends to spread all around me. Uuugh.


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