Springtime is here!

And for once the internet works normally so I can actually do this!!!

No doubt about it, P. Phil was right this year! Spring is in the air (in the form of allergens) and the tulips, daffodils and other early plants are popping out of the ground already. Saw some young cardinals fighting on my dog walk this morning. So what does March bring to my plate? Hmm…dare I group spring and March together? Let’s say we do that.

Work items: Window caulking, deck and fence cleaning and staining, finishing the patio, think about the plumbing, trim the tree in the back, try to fix the gutter by myself, spring cleaning.

Errands: Dog vet appointments, eye exam, think about a physical, car inspection and oil change, damn CE courses for my license renewal

Fun stuff: HITTING THE TRAILS AGAIN. whoooooo. Getting rid of the winter flab…or is that grouped into work?

Overall life is great. No complaints from me. Job, getting paid, gaming. With spring emerging I tend to get restless physically and mentally in anticipation. This weekend was just gorgeous and I wasted Sunday trying hard to finish Project X Zone 2 with no luck. Tried to get off my butt yesterday and jumpstart the housework, but my weather app told me it was going to rain so that nixed my caulking plans and then it turns out it didn’t rain at all. WHAT THE HECK. All I managed was to pull the nails out of the doorframe in anticipation of the HOA making their rounds. Tried to get the ladder up to reach the gutter but I’m afraid I’ll kill myself if I try it on my own….but I haaaate relying on other people to be around to help. I almost did it too, but as I was prepping the ladder, I saw my dogs’ pleading and worried eyes watching me through the door and I figured I shouldn’t go splat because who else would take care of them? Even that little work of pulling out nails and caulking the holes made me feel GOOD, though. Maan, I can’t give it up. I just have to put this body through work of the yard or house kind. Very few other things make me feel so happy and fulfilled physically and mentally.

Speaking of dogs…they’ve been very restless themselves recently. That’s part of how I knew it was springtime. The sooner we hit the trails the happier they’ll be. I’m trying to wait until after March 20 because I take them off Frontline to save money for the winter and I’ll reapply then. Liana has become so much more attached to me these days. She has 100% come to accept that we won’t give her up. Trust issues from a dog…can you imagine a human child? They’ve become 100% attached to each other too, actually playing together and lying on the same bed occasionally! I love these guys so much.

One minute left…relationship has started slowing down. The initial rush and plowing is over and I’m a little sad and glad at the same time. Now the real deal is coming out. Ours is a bit atypical in progression, I think, because it started a year and 2 months ago, but was only physically collaborated for half a year. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing where it will lead this year. We are planning on using a Monday in the coming weeks to travel out for the Cherry Blossom festival. I’ll be excited for it because of the festival but also because it brings us back to our first date: DC.

OH maaaan 3 minutes OVER.



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