New Year’s is next week

Year of the Monkey next week! Reminds me that I have to do my yearly drawing! It’s early this year by a lot…but then again so is Lent.

This weekend…went out to eat Friday night with brother and M. It had been 2 weeks since I’d seen him. These boys can really tuck away food whereas I’ve gotten to the point where I can barely eat one plate before heading straight to the fruits.

Otherwise, it’s back to normal! Normal grocery run with normal amounts of stock products (except that I spent double what I usually do), normal drawing, normal normal.

Just think….not this coming Saturday, but NEXT Saturday is….MAGFEST. Whooooo. So excited. And then I have a week off!!! Double WHOOOO. But not so whoo is the prospect of dealing with my plumbing mess. Ugh. Also I used all my money paying bills.


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