This is what I dreamed about last night and I COULD NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIGURE IT OUT. We were in a class that I didn’t need to take. It just kept growing bigger and bigger, the class I mean, until it was full of people that I grew up with and have in my life now. Everyone was tasked to figuring it out and then we turn it all in and everyone gets to come up and see the answer. I ended up with 2x-1 for some reason and was totally bummed out when the real answer was something much much more complex. Even my boss was there and he’d gotten it wrong too. Now that I look at it…it’s so simple. WHAT.

I am SO GLAD it’s Friday because I can’t stand this week anymore even with it one day shorter than normal. More stress keeps piling up for the year, the biggest one right now being that I created an issue with the plumbing that has now caught up with me and wrote a pledge for our church that was misconstrued and is 3x the amount I intended. Still have not booked our vacation.

Speaking of which, I also dreamed about “my house” and the plants I’d planted. In the dream I was intending to sell it but was very sad because I wouldn’t be able to see them grow. Then I broke one by accident (barberry) but it was OK because inside I recovered a handful of large seeds. Then I went into the bathroom my sister had redesigned and fixed up and took a shower.


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