S’Been a while

When was my last post? Was it before Snow Storm Jonas? Well we survived! It ended up averaging about 30″ for us around here. The drifts were just crazy though. True blizzard conditions halfway through the storm. It’s just today that I’m preparing to go back into work. Been sitting around at home doing nothing in particular. I’m a little bummed because I was supposed to have Friday off last week when the storm hit, but was unable to actually utilize my 4 day weekend well. :( I mean, honestly the activities I engaged in: drawing, texting, gaming was pretty much what I would’ve done, most likely, but I was looking forward to some time by myself at home. My brother has been home with us for days and while I enjoy playing games with him like old times (we’ve been playing Divinity: Original Sin)…you know how it is. It’s an obligation. A distraction. Otherwise I’d have more of a chance to do other things. Because I don’t want him to get too far ahead and lose the storyline. SO MUCH FOR A 4 DAY WEEKEND. I got a 5 day snow in really. Maybe that’s not fair. Either way I don’t remember shoveling that much EVAR. My body feels like it should be ripped but I’m still as heavy as always. Hmmm perchance my belly flab lost a centimeter. Easily regained I’m sure -_-;;  I am a fan of snow. I like winter. I like shoveling, but doggone it all that was too much. The usual 18″ snow is great. One thing is for sure, having to ferry my mom around, I freaking LOVE my car. The car, new tires, and my brakes are seriously some of the best investments I’ve ever made. That puppy is staying with me forever. AND I got a personal lesson in why you should never drive around on bald tires. CHANGE YOUR TIRES PEOPLE.

Bf and I started calling each other supplementing our text storms. It’s crazy how I ended up missing his voice. It’s been almost 2 weeks now of not seeing each other. I miss him. The missing was REALLY bad around the 5 day – 8 day mark, but now that it’s been 1.5 weeks it’s calmed down a little. A little. There are some things text is better for, but others that in person is better for and voice is right there in the middle somewhere. I want him in my life RIGHT NOW, but everything in life keeps saying SLOW DOWN….it’s ok… so I’d do well to listen to the signs. He’s told me repeatedly that he’s never giving up on me no matter what (unless I cheat on him). One thing I like about him is that he’s genuine. If he feels it he’ll let you know. That can be good and bad, but mostly I appreciate it.

I’ve decided that I spend way too much constant time on my phone. What I need to do is hit the library and get a book. I’m currently reading through my 100 New Scientific Discoveries, and I’m trying to pace it, but I can’t. My brain grabs at information so desperately. Never did end up making that vacation booking because it’s a LOT of money at once. I’ve not spent money this month at all except for groceries. I’m proud of myself but let’s see how long that lasts. Huh. I also didn’t get any of my errands done. In particular writing up a budget. Between the video games with my brother and communicating with M, my attention is not where it’s supposed to be. Maybe this back to normal business will be good for my head. OOoOoOOo just had a thought: assuming I’ll have SOME cancellations at some point, I can take a pad of paper to work with me and write out the budget there! And then be depressed. lol. It’s OK though! But wait…we had to cancel everyone yesterday…this is why I’ve been dreading going back to work…I even had dreams about it.

Yesterday I managed to use my mom’s shower to bathe the dogs so they’re soft now but resentful. haha. Then afterwards I went and took a bubble bath. It was an Epsom salt and spearmint concoction and man it felt good to soak. How long had it been since I last did that? … I only lasted about 6 minutes. Haha. How people can soak for an hour I can not fathom. Even in Jacuzzi’s I last 5 minutes tops. Then again it must have done more good than I thought it did because I slept WELL last night even without my nightguard in.

OK I’m anticipating bad traffic considering most roads are one lane, so I need to go get ready. My body’s giving me that hurry up feeling. Time to listen to it!



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