Snow? SNOW???

The big news this week is that Friday to Saturday could be historical in the amount of snow potentially covering the area. I’m sitting in my room watching as a squirrel attacks my squirrel-resistant bird feeder. If the animals are anything to go off of, there will indeed be snow. How much I’m not sure, but yesterday I was just unbelievably tired for no reason (well I can’t say no reason…because i’m LOSING BLOOD) and I feel like nesting. The news channels are being conservative and saying about a foot with the potential for more. That’s what I talked to my patients about yesterday.

I’ve pretty much been seeing M about once a week. He’s spent a good amount of time at my house now mostly at night when my mom’s working. We went to bother her on Sunday at Target after we ate dinner and that was probably the first time they’ve met and have been able to sort of talk a little. We’re still working on getting that initial official meeting scheduled, but for some reason it just doesn’t work out well with everyone’s schedules. She was upset with me for telling Facebook before telling her about us being serious, but I’m like…well…considering how she is about subjects like this–or maybe was??? is that what she’s trying to say??–I was hesitant to say anything. Last time with J I was more open but this time I’m not for a couple reasons.

–dang  it I’m out of time WUUUT.


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