Livin’ Life

This is my pms week. I can pretty much assure that given my mood swings. Life has been trucking along. I’m working a 5-day week this week because we only have 3 days next week and a longer weekend. So BOOO but Whooo! It’s only Wednesday…

2-day weekends usually have me careful about what I’m doing so that I can fully enjoy it, but I spent most of Sunday cleaning the house because…Matt requested that he come over after his drill. At first I was like, bluh, but after thinking about it, why ever not?? I planned out dinner and all that and success! He ate 3 helpings of the food (my famous apple chicken curry…he said later he could eat a gallon of it, but of course, would love it much hotter…I was little sad because he ate most of it and I usually bring it to work for the week.) We were all on the couch and watching my bro play Fallout and then he left (I guess he was feeling like a 3rd wheel again because we were huggy-feely on each other) so we watched some anime and just spent time close. Together. He left around 10 and I crawled upstairs to not be able to sleep all night in anticipation of the week and reflecting on what had just occurred.

This Friday we plan on going to see Star Wars and he has yet to decide whether or not to join us for dinner before the movie. He wanted me to cook, but Fridays I don’t cook because work and well it’s Friday and no I don’t want to do dishes. I decided we’re going to have Famous Dave’s.

Every so often we have nights where we’ll get into some serious text discussions and clash a little and then end up resolving it. With the hormonal rage imbalance I’ve been obnoxious lately so I just need to tone it all down. I’ve said in the past that I KNOW we are infatuated right now. Smitten. Once that’s past, what will we be like? I’ve never said sorry as much as I’ve said it to him before. Admitting I’m wrong is so big for me. Seriously he means so much to me.

We’ve officially only been dating for about a month and a half, but dang I swear I feel like it’s longer than that and my personality is such that I want to keep zooming along, but I can’t. Everything about my life right now is pointing that way. Ground. Stay on the ground. Just knowing him is saying that too. Slow down, walk, calm. Wait for it. It’ll come. My biggest flaw. Must control it.


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