First Friday back of the year!! I slept too early last night obviously and it was too hot. Was wide awake at 5 this morning and spent the rest of the time tossing and freaking out about it being time to wake up. What’s the point of an alarm clock when my body can’t chill long enough to let it do its job??? And THEN I spend the rest of the morning yawning because I’m sleepy. uuuugh.

I’m looking out my window to see the squirrels raiding the bird feeder. Again. I want to buy a baffle for it but I doubt it will keep them away for long because the conditions for hanging the birdfeeder properly can not be met here at this house. Gotta feel bad for them, though, because the week of Christmas it was like 70 degrees and with it being winter they all had to go raid their stores because there was no food but too warm to sleep. Now that it’s bitterly cold, what are they going to eat? Not just squirrels either…birds too.

See now they birds are here but the squirrel is taking up space. Time to go down and scare it off.


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