Stuff that has transpired since my last post which I believe was before Christmas

Has it really been that long??? Goodness.

Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR. It is now 2016!!! I shall be returning to work tomorrow, January 5th. The 7th is my grandparents’ anniversary and what would have been my own parents’ anniversary.

What has occurred since we last met? Work. Christmas (just my sister came this year, and the big relative bash was more enjoyable than most years. The kids are older so we ended up playing board games with the traditional zombie/gunfight thrown into the mix. Our own Christmas was more meager than usual, but enjoyable), more work, getting to see hand foot and mouth disease in person, gaming, New Year, shopping with bf, eating with bf and brother, and another hangout with bf, more gaming, and super clean-fest taking all the deco down and de-fluffing the house. That will probably not last long.

So of course now we have to discuss resolutions and how 2015’s went. I only had 2 resolutions last year: finances and fitness. Fitness was 80% success. I was really good until August when everything fell apart because I got sick. Finances….no. Didn’t even get close to what I wanted. Then again looking back, I knew going in that I’d have some major expenses: namely my car and Gable’s rabies vaccine among other things. The car took the cake, though, with the 30,000 maintenance, new tires, brakes, etc. I did, however, manage to spend less money for Christmas than I normally do, so I guess that’s a plus, and I also didn’t spend nearly as much on the house as I normally do either.

2016 Resolutions. What’s on the list for this year?

  1. Finances – I’m not giving up on this. I WILL employ a budget this year and attempt to stick very strongly to it….after I pay off all these holiday expenses of course.
  2. Fitness – 80% success is fantastic in one year, but it’s not 100%. Going for gold this year and starting by eating smaller portions and not gorging until I’m about to vomit. It’s amazing how much less food my stomach can hold as I get older.
  3. Humility – This kind of goes hand in hand with finances, so it might be more accurate to be a subset, but I want to be cognizant of stuff this year. Of not accumulating things I really, honestly, have no need for.  Purging the things I have but is just collecting dust and has no future utility. The logical result would be less money spent, but also less of a materialistic view on life.
  4.  Figure this relationship thing out – I’m no expert. I’ve never done this before. I will use my experiences to figure this puzzle out the best I can. Is that even possible???

And there you go. People have been criticizing the concept of resolutions, but I think it’s great to have goals. Works for me at least.

Sometime this month is our anniversary for having come in contact with each other. We’ve been official for about 2 months. Maybe 1.5 months. Give me one more month for the probationary period to be over, but today in particular I have started to be able to step back and look at the whole thing from my 3rd person, critical, analyzing point of view. I won’t go into detail in this post, but you can pretty much bet that I’ll be doing that soon, lol. I really, really, need to find a diary to write in. I have my journal, but it’s very flimsy and I would like a more sturdy one. I mean…it’s already coming apart from the spine…do I want a traditional lock on it? lol. There are things I can’t and won’t put on here for the internet to see, but I need to get off my chest.

BAaaaaah I don’t want to go back to work!!!!!!!!!!!


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