Sick sick sick.

After spending a gajillion dollars on presents, I get sick. And miss 2 days of work. That…was not part of the plan. Honestly, going back tomorrow is pushing it already. I feel much better today, but it’s still there and I ended up throwing up most of my meals. Violent cough attacks. On the bright side, my nose blowing has progressed from once every 5 minutes to once every 20 minutes! WHoooo!!

I swear. There is never any simple sickness for me. I’ve long forgotten what a simple cold or allergy attack feels like because not matter what it is it will ALWAYS get into my sinuses and WHAMO. And additional week’s worth of awesomeness. Saturday was a cold. Sunday was half cold, half sinuses. Monday was sinuses. Tuesday was SINUSES PLUS COLD PLUS ALLERGIES. Today (Wed) is lesser sinuses, but tack on heartburn and you get barfing. Tomorrow…my first day back at work…what will THAT bring? Scared patients, short temper, miserableness. And dealing with Thursday traffic.

I’m just hoping that the resolution schedule remains the same for the rest of the week, because one, I don’t want to have to deal with that kind of thing at work (dental hygiene is notoriously awful to try and work with these problems…I’ve been on my computer pretty much the last couple of days and I’ve been perfectly fine with that) and two, M and I plan on hanging out Saturday because it’s the one day we can. Today was actually a good day, but with me feeling so horribly…yeah.

I’ve found that the way decongestants work (raising BP) makes me really….active. In almost every way you can think of. Today, in particular, put me into this crazy cleaning rampage. lol. PRODUCTIVENESS. It’s scary, really, to think about. These last few days I’ve been letting the creative juices flow a bit too. Always enjoyable.

One way to look at it all is that at least I managed to take some time off work for the holidays. LOL. I love sitting around doing nothing, but DANGIT when my congested head makes it impossible to actually DO the things I enjoy…..

OK. Christmas Cards mostly done, insurance cancelled. Thankfully I got most of my Christmas stuff done.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow but I KNOW that it’s going to be miserable. Especially because it’s THURSDAY. Better get to sleep early tonight. I’ll probably end up barfing up the rest of my dinner tonight tho.


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