Thanksgiving Work Week

See!!! I can write decent titles!!

Short weekend this week because of…THANKSGIVING.

Just paid bills and man oh man it is depressing. Always. Always depressing. However, now that I’ve finally paid off the refrigerator, one less debt to worry about!!! WHOO. Maybe my pups can finally get their vaccines and I can get NEW GLASSES. One thing is fo sho: I AM writing up a budget next year. I’ve been getting by without one because I’d not had any obligations or responsibilities in the past…nothing I couldn’t handle in my brain, but dogs and houses and life changes all that. SOOO glad I don’t have to worry about a car payment. Trying to jam money into savings no matter how small.

Remember that new year’s resolution to save money? Bluh. Welllll it DID work at first but then things happened and I had to use it. I mean I’m glad I saved it as opposed to spending it on more t-shirts because I needed it, but the point is to SAVE it, not set it aside for a rainy day.

Met up with M again on Saturday. We were debating what to do and he ended up walking in the park with me and the dogs again. This time it wasn’t nearly as awkward and the dogs remembered. Liana really likes him. Since he’s coming to Thanksgiving this year, my mom had a long discussion with me about the whole relationship thing this morning. She and my grandma are afraid I’ll get hurt. Ironically I’d discussed this with M before and while I’m a person who hates risks like this because of the inevitable consequences, if I do I don’t take it lightly. It’s not just some fleeting fancy and while I don’t care to have my heart broken, I feel like he’s worth that risk.

It’s interesting. I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. I think about him a lot. We text all the time. I’ve gotten to the point where I want to feel his arms around me. Clichéd I know, but it’s true. Thankfully he’s meaty enough that hugging is fun. No bony guys for me. The biggest draw and the more intriguing thing for me is how comfortable I feel around him. I’m still in awe of that feeling. It was evident even at our first date in DC. I gave him foods, my mom bought him foods, and he bought me something too. I even tell him how I feel about our relationship. How can I possibly open up like that to a guy?

Well after some Char-Broil Big Easy escapades, I am STOKED for Thanksgiving. Just gotta get through this week first…it promises to be a doozy. I hope I get around to recording everything I’m thankful for this year.

THAT’S what I forgot this weekend! A Thanksgiving post for RW!!!! Great. Now I’ll have no time with the way the week is going.

Even though I complain, it will be a blur. I’m sure of it. I’ll be back with updates of the big day!!!




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