Car Brakesc

I realize that if I make the titles more appropriate to the entry it might be easier to find later if I need something

So went and let AG help me do my brakes this weekend. I was nervous at first for a couple reasons: 1) I had to sit in the car with him for a period of time to and back. That can get awkward and quick. 2)He has to experience my driving and potential rage. 3)Does he actually know what he’s doing? 4) I have to meet his mom!!!

Turns all of that was no problem. Every time we try to do something, the weather gets in our way. I’m not overly superstitious, but it does make me think a bit. It rained. And it ended up raining a good amount. He told me that he was going to make me do half the car brakes myself after he did the other half. Surprisingly he is a very good teacher. Very calm, good speed, answering my questions, and very low pressure when it came to my turn. Still managed to cut myself and OMG you need STRENGTH to do this stuff. Now I know why females don’t do this much. Not too much strength as he repeatedly advised me because you don’t want to strip or crossthread or break anything. But jacks are heavy and lifting a wheel just enough to get it back on it crazy hard. I’m WEAK. It was going all very well until the very last lug I was trying to remove. After all this talk about being careful not to cross-thread anything, guess what: someone at GandC managed to cross-thread. AG had a few choice words to say about that and was super upset. I wasn’t at that stage yet, but he was. Impressed to say that he managed to force off the nut because he didn’t want to leave me with only 3 good brakes (turns out my brakes had a good amount of life left on them, but were unbelievably dirty strangely enough. He was also unhappy to find that the screws holding the calipers in place were so loose) and of course the end of the bolt broke off inside the nut. He told me that running on 4 lugs is OK, not a big deal since I was technically running like that already. So we tested out the brakes and OMG what a difference!! I love them. Later it started sinking in that I’m missing a lug nut and the bolt is broken and started getting upset. He was so mad because having worked in a shop himself he would see the other guys always speeding through because the customer was waiting and they didn’t care enough about the cross-thread risk. The next time I went somewhere to have the tires rotated, they would have figured it out and the same result would occur, but at least I know about it now.

The other worries I had were unfounded. His mom is funny but quite Asian and Vietnamese. I know that. She opened right on up to me with no real prompting and even started recounting something sad. She started tearing up a bit and I was sitting there the whole time wondering if I should help her cut up vegetables. When it rained she ran out and jerry-rigged this tarp to prevent us from getting too wet. It made me laugh but she’s so very caring. Their house is very tight. Not too much space inside, but that doesn’t matter to me much. She even gave me food in the Asian style and he was like, wuuut she doesn’t give me food. The car ride with him was unexpectedly normal. I felt no nervousness or awkwardness. Same as when we were on the metro. It wasn’t forced, it wasn’t anything. It felt like, again, I was sitting next to my brother.

Now I have to deal with the lug. UGH. I was hoping I’d found a good place to stay and get work done too. Time to keep shopping. He offered to do my next oil change because I’d conveyed the interest in being able to do this stuff myself, for reasons above. Not only to save money, but because I actually care what happens to my car. Haven’t decided if I want him to fix the lug for me yet either.

My brother is getting car stuff for Christmas

THe rest of the weekend (only 2 days this time as I work today) was playing games, repotting plants, moving plants, picking up my gift card for winning the costume contest, buying them toys, taking in the Halloween stuff, paying bills and getting my pumpkin turkey together. Wings and tail are on. Just waiting for a gourd head which my mom wants to get. Originally I intended to make it out of sticks, but if she wants to use a gourd, that’s fine.

4 days weekend coming up! Maybe I can finally get the windows done. I will be going to the other house on Saturday.


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