I’m addicted.

To Puzzle & Dragons Z for 3DS. It has 2 games in it.





How was my weekend? Welp, thankfully I didn’t start with P&D until Sunday which left Saturday free to actually do stuff. Maybe all that sociality led me to introvert, but DAAAAAAAAAAANG. Saturday…Halloween…was fun! I started it off taking the dogs out to Manassas with AG. That’s the 3rd time I’ve had a date of sorts at Manassas. It was a double intention of wanting the dogs somewhat tired for the festivities to follow. Well, I was a bit disappointed overall because given how much we talk/text it was still awkward in the beginning. Come to think of it, that awkwardness lingered a bit throughout. You know it’s bad when I keep talking about my dogs and digging around for conversation pieces. Not to mention I sensed some disapproval as to my dog walking methods. Not much, but it was there. Or uncertainty. Whatever it was I sensed it. Awkwardness left for good when I recommended him try to race Liana to the statue. Tension/anxiety melted then. He was pretty excited about that and Liana herself quite enjoyed the race. Afterwards she kept whining and honking because she wanted to do it again but everyone was tired. Of course, that all happened at the very end of the outing. Figures. I guess he’s a physical type of guy (most guys are I think). It’s too much to expect that we’d be comfortable walking together without much talking yet. I mean, it’d have been awesome, but I’ve yet to meet a guy who likes that. Like in DC, he seemed more focused on me than what we were doing. I didn’t sense much interest in the deer or the trees or the history. Then again maybe it brought back memories of army stuff. At least it wasn’t like a first date. That’s a plus. Sad though. One of the things I very much enjoy is walking around nature trails and just being outside in the cold or whatever.

DANGIT out of time again. OK, quickie: 2 pet stores, no issue. Costumes. A hit with everyone except the dogs themselves. Record number of trickortreaters this year with it on a Saturday. We ran out of candy!!! THat’s never happened before.

Sunday and Monday were all VIDEO GAMES. Except the grocery shopping. Thanksgiving for a family at church = GET.



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