THis week’s weekend.

Is there any other type of post?

Went down South on Saturday to let the pups run. Originally I was throwing back and forth whether or not I should go, but I’m glad I did in the end. Popped into my favorite store in the world for some mulch an came out with mulch, soil and 2 more trees. I couldn’t help myself. They were half off. Soooo now in addition to the 3 maples, 2 apples and one Asian pear, also the tiny struggling purple peach, I have a northern red oak and a tulip tree. My inspiration? Having been to Crabtree Falls, I liked the actual shade properties of the oak and tulip trees are just pretty this time of year. Also the shade properties. However, maples typically reach 30 ft while these 2 trees are 50 and 70 feet respectively. Now it’s a bit daunting for them to grow so tall, but remember that would take years and also my solution, provided I’m still owning the property, is to arborscape. Make ’em as tall as I want ’em. Not to mention that when you chop the top of a tree it tends to want to grow out instead…which is what I want. The Asian pear is not looking too hot and might not make it, so if it is, then in its place shall be something else…maybe another maple? lol. Why so many trees you ask? Well it bothers me to no end that while the area has been clearcut to build those houses, pretty much no one has planted a darn thing. Yes, I realize that they’ll give off all sorts of leaves that will fly into people’s yards (haa), but the benefits completely outweigh those. It is blazing fulltime sun in the back there. Shade trees will not only be better for the air quality, but it’ll cut down on water, fertilizer and overall lawn maintenance. Not to mention, it will provide shade for playing, dogs, and also the house. Improves soil quality, gives shelter for animals and attract squirrels for my little girl. I wanted all of these all along. Should’ve done the oak much sooner.

Regarding that house, I continue to talk of selling it, since my plans fell through to live down in the area. Right now my sister lives in it so nothing is going to happen of course, and I was trying to wait a couple years so that the reservoir they placed around it will go recreation and drive up all the property values. Making a profit is nice. However, whenever I go down it makes me so sad to sell it. Then I realize it’s not the house itself that I’m attached to…it’s the yard. I bought it for the yard (for Gable), I built the fence, the patio and I planted all the plants. I take care of the plants. I have plant plans. I. Love. That. Yard. For once, I wanna see the plants grow big and give apples. The house itself I haven’t put much effort into. The large kitchen is quite nice and the garage is the part that I spent any time on. Eventually when I do the floors I might change my tune, but the yard is still the ultimate attachment for me. At least I know that in the life of my dogs I will not give up that house.

Tires are still fantastic, played monster hunter, got a shelf so could clean up my rooms, cooked foods…OH set up the front yard for Halloween and then realized I brought my decorations down to the other house for storage >_<. Oh well.

Still have yet to update RW. Really need to get back into that. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep up with exercise. Jump rope and total gym. Discouraging but yeah. The yardwork the other day is a fantastic workout and reminder of how good it feels. No caulk was completed either. Ugh. Monster Hunter is taking over my liiife. Oh and the mattress for my babies’ beds arrived yesterday! :)


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